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IEvil IMonkey
08-28-2011, 09:23 AM
http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1751/-jz6dA==.jpg (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/forza-motorsport-4/achievement/56915-On-Location.html)On Location (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/forza-motorsport-4/achievement/56915-On-Location.html)20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.pngTake a photo of any car in every Home Space.

Does this mean you have a HOME in the game (seperate from the garage which I guess is unlimited in space) like in PGR etc and you can position cars in and around it?

Thanks for any help on this :woop:

LoD WheeZzy
08-29-2011, 03:12 PM
I don't think so mate, it's more of a menu background than garage from PGR series. If you played Forza 3 and left the game in the menu, after few seconds all the menus were gone and you could see the car at Camino Viejo, that is your Home Space. In Forza 3 you couldn't take pictures in Home Space and there was only one in the game,now you'll be able to take the pictures there and you gonna have at least a couple to choose from.

IEvil IMonkey
08-29-2011, 04:24 PM
Well then there must be an option to choose which car you want to put in each location right as F3 just showed the car you was currently in - would be nice to have an actual HOME tho and you could move around it with certain cars on show =)

I wonder how many HOME spaces there actually are then??

09-08-2011, 09:37 AM
I hope there is not too many of them, i don't want to waste valuable racing and playing time taking pictures! Geez! :p

IEvil IMonkey
09-10-2011, 08:25 AM
Still wish you had an actual HOME to place a few of your top rides around though... It would be a nice a feature away from life on the track =)

09-10-2011, 10:00 AM
It'll probably be similar to GT5. Click a car, "take photo" and select which background you want.

IEvil IMonkey
09-11-2011, 04:07 PM
Roll on Oct 14th =) Cant wait for this on day one