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08-28-2011, 01:52 PM
Hey guys, When this game first came out i 1000gs it. then deleted the saves off my HDD, i just purchased the TRAITORS KEEP dlc and noticed people on here saying you need to of completed the game in order to play the dlc.

So my question is, if my mate has finished the game. can i copy his save via usb and transfer that to my HDD and then continue to do the dlc!?

08-28-2011, 02:07 PM
You can but I don't think you can copy fable 3 saves only move them. And make sure your friend hasn't already done the Dlc or it may screw you over ;)

08-28-2011, 02:38 PM
Just start a new game, you can rush through story in less than 10 hours and do the DLC in about 5