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07-19-2007, 12:11 AM
Perfection Guide
That damn almost luck achievement

How to work on getting closer or actually achieveing that bugger.
Here are some nice tips that may get you further.

1. Rapidly tap or push that A button (shoot like mad)

2. Moving in the direction of corners will make more ships or aircraft dissapear, along with heat seaker missiles ( those triangles that follow you).

3. The amount of score you have will determine when you get to face the boss, or go to the next level.

4. Try to score as much as possible, collecting parachutes and defeating clusters will help greatly.

5. Almost forgot, you may already be aware, but just for the slow ones you can't die.

6.Change your screen settings if you have a problem playing. Make it wider, smaller or change from modern graphics to classic.

7. Practice makes perfect, keep on trying regardless of how frustrating it may be. Also watching other players also helps. So go watch a Time Pilot video on YouTube or what ever you can find.

8. On stage Four, the aircraft fly as fast as your ship. This is a huge problem becuase they seem to box you in or they just crash into you when you turn.
Try to clear as much of the screen as fast as you possible can. Try at all case to shorten the quantity of them crafts.

I hope any of this helps, if you have any thing that you feel needs to be added, just leave a post with your tip and ill surely add it.

10-30-2007, 10:59 AM
i am sorry, but #3 is wrong. score has nothing to do with it. at the bottom of the screen u will see airship icons. for every ship u shoot a piece of icon disappears. its been awhile but i think it is 7-8 airplanes per icon. that way i can also tell how many airplanes u need to kill before boss comes out. :)

10-30-2007, 11:02 AM
when i finally got my perfection i was on a roll. i got 550k and was #40 in world at the time.

02-06-2008, 09:18 PM
If you look at my achievement unlock dates. It took me a freak'en year and a half to get the Perfection achievement. I didn't play everyday of course but kept coming back to it. I tried all kinds of guides and don't know how many times I made it to the big jet with one guy and died....... Def "Pure Luck" achievement........

03-13-2008, 02:46 PM
The 'fly to the corners' thing seems to work... I flew towards the upper right waggling my stick so I was firing a spread of fire and I did better than usual. The problems begin in the third level as you have the heat seekers which are faster than you and you need to turn and destroy them. It's even worse in the fourth level as they have better heat seekers AND they are as quick as you, the trick I found was to do a 360 degree sweep around you with shots before resuming your course towards the upper right. I ALMOST got there doing this... one more try and then I'll give up for another few months.

05-26-2008, 07:16 PM
I was pretty close but got killed in 1982. I still havent unlocked this or the 2001 achievement but I used to play this in the arcades in ye olde days.

(edit) as I was writing this, I got 2001 unlocked. And the web site went down so I could not update this last night.

The things to keep in mind:

1- You must kill 70 ships before the "mother-ship" appears to go to the next level. This is for all years not just 2001.
2- The bombers in 1940 do not help you do anything but take up time and give you 1500 extra points. Same with the parachute guys. But it is helpful in giving you more free men to finish the 2001 achievement.
3- Its a good idea to kill off any squadrons you can for extra points but do not focus exclusively on them.
4- In 2001 there are rarely more than 4 UFOs on screen at any time. They do not fire guided missiles but the things they do shoot sort of home in on you. Its possible to shoot them however, so do so when you can or do what you can to get it off screen.

I managed to get through 82 and 70 without losing a man. (but lost one in 40 so I didnt get the cheev). I find that enhanced graphics helps since the clouds obscure bullets and missiles more in the original graphics vs. in enhanced. So that said, use enhanced graphics, and you will need to constantly sweep (esp in 82) opponents. In 82, treat the planes like you do guided missiles.

Jag Bros
10-24-2008, 05:49 AM
lol im not sure why ppl have been having lots of troubles with this arcade game. I got every achievement within like 30 minutes of playing

01-29-2009, 06:56 PM
Damn This is hard.
I keep getting to 1982 and BOOM, i get killed ><
it makes me want to RAGE.

Conor nolan
02-24-2009, 10:01 AM
This achievement is gonna make me go mad i got it on my old account in about 3 -4 trys at it but now its like the games hates me i somtimes die at the start of the first lvl and if i dont get this ach soon my TVs gonna have a hole init where my controler went tru it.

04-10-2009, 11:26 AM
Many thanks for the guide.

05-14-2009, 06:53 AM
Wow it's been 2 years since i made this and have visited this site. Glad it's still some sort of help.

02-03-2010, 04:39 PM
Damn This is hard.
I keep getting to 1982 and BOOM, i get killed ><
it makes me want to RAGE.

Your telling me ive forgotten how long i have been trying for this chiev, RAGE doesnt cover it, broken 2 baterries already.. Prob see you in the anger management classes v soon m8.

:uzi: :eek:

04-04-2010, 08:17 PM
I've been at this since the game came out and still haven't gotten the achievement. I just give up way to easy. Well guess i'll keep trying, thanks for the tips

04-12-2011, 12:13 AM
ugggh, this game is hard!

05-07-2011, 08:20 AM
just got the Perfection cheevo last wk. worked on it off & on for about 2 yrs or so.

here are some things i did that helped me get this mainly luck based cheevo:
i used the classic or older screen settings & changed screen size to as small as possible for vertical & horizontal.

1st level i started with my pilot facing at 3 o'clock & gradually started flying towards 5 & 7 o'clock & then 10 oclock just before the first boss. you must shoot 50 small planes b4 each boss btw. i didnt really focus on rescuing the other pilots on any level.

2nd level i started my pilot facing at 5-6 o'clock & throughout that level i kept criss-crossing up & down from 7 to 2 oclock & from 10 to 5 oclock. i did shoot the bigger planes if possible to decrease number of bullets flying at me. if several small planes got near me in any round i would try to make quick, small circles to flank enemies. this help usually to bunch them together a bit making it somewhat easier to shoot them. mainly for this level i did something of a long figure 8 with the above clock reference points only intermittently making quick small circles if very crowded w/ bad guys.

3rd level (helicopters): in this level i started by facing my pilot at 5 o'clock. after the 1st enemy shot at me & threw heat-seeker missless at me i'd start making medium circular patterns (1/3 to 1/2 the way diagonal across screen from 5-10 oclock. always keep watch for the heat-seekers esp near the end when they throw 2 at u just b4 boss arrives. i generally tried to shoot the heat-seeking missles & they basically circle in on you. make quick sudden turns to avoid & then flank them.

4th level (pinkish purple jets that can fly as fast as u): to start this level i faced 10 oclock to begin. the best way i found was to make frequent & short circular patterns usually counter-clockwise, esp in a crowded field. dont b too afraid of getting right up on enemies in any level as long as u r spamming the A button--especially on this level as quarters will be tight & very fast-paced. also the older graphics seem slightly more forgiving in this regard than the newer default graphics & every slight edge helps here.

that's my basic plan of attack that worked best after many hrs of trial & error.

other general things i thot were beneficial:

i'd practice about an hr at a time for a couple days. i'd start over if i died in level 1-2 but level 3-4 i kept going for practice sake. kinda self-explanatory.

for the sake of practice alone, the best thing i found was to download Time Pilot in Game-room. then i would play unranked as it will allow me to set the starting difficulty at 8 instead of the default level 3, plus it lets u change the # of your respawn planes from 3 to 256; way more than enough to practice with. basically this insane level will kill you a lot but after a few rounds of this hellish level it made the regular game feel like a stroll in the park. i know some may not want to attempt this if they aint planning on finishing Gameroom but its a great way to practice TimePilot. (the Gameroom version was one of the rare games in the GR mess of old arcade titles that was actually tolerable to play n completing that too).

a note on the boss plane battles: i notice that AI's depiction of the boss battle usu shows the plane u will man as being directing behind the boss. thats fine but for me it was generally easier to attack the bosses at about a 33-45 degree angle.

anyway, i hope this makes sense & is of help to someone who is struggling to get the Perfection cheev in Time Pilot. i cant count the # times i was on the verge of finishing only to get killed right at the very end.