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09-07-2011, 03:35 PM
Am i just unskilled or what? I am having so much trouble with the coop thing, and its so GOD DAMN LONG. I manage to do Military counpound this way : 1 guy hided in that little house at the far end of the map, and me i was killing people in the middle. Most of the time when i died the ennemies didn't even had the time to reach the dude before i spawned back. He killed the few who reach him and thats it.

But for the other map there is not really a good place to hide... i am getting desesperate at this... For now at least i rack up kills for my 1000 so its ok i guess if we loose it, but after that... not sure i will be motivated enough.

I must admit i was NEVER a fan of any horde/firefight/zombie stuff in any game, but at least some games are decent on this like GOW it let you retry the wawe you lost... Firefight you have a number of lives and even if the 2 players dies at the same time, no worries as long as you don't die too much.

But this... ARG ARG ARG am i getting annoy by it... So annoying cause i was even thinking about going for the game on hard... so i could have a beautifull 1000 GS but im not sure ill tolerate doing the coop unless i have a partner who knows every way around....

Please HELP ME :( im desesperate.

09-07-2011, 07:42 PM
Relax bro lol, hang on like one more day and I'll get some pictures in my guide of where you and a partner should hide. The places I've found work amazingly well, it's like impossible to lose, especially once you get the last weapon.

09-08-2011, 04:33 AM
yeah ill be happy to help what i did was i was hiding through out the game i got kills here and there but i tried to stay out of sight in case my partner had died.

09-08-2011, 07:21 AM
I manage to all but Ore Mine finally... We where at wave 18... and we died at the same time... at different places... god damn it.

Pirate Bay we used the glitch, one guy is out, the other do all the job...
Chinese Street we found a good place to see them coming, last waves where tought but it worked.
Ore Mine we tried the place people talk about, but on one side they jump from above, so have to step back and then there harder to hit, its not that easy. But i guess i could manage to have it eventually...

Well its for sure an easy 900 pts, but the last 100 is not THAT EASY, remember me next time i want easy points to buy Hannah Montana... LOL

09-08-2011, 05:15 PM
WOW... never again people with no MICS... I just did 13 waves with a dude until he decided to quit(or his net lagged out, i don't know but whatever) I died ONE TIME , I RESPAWN and run back to the spot and suddenly he quit, so he obviously didn't die, i had respawn for 3 sec at least...

So well, screw this with stranger who dosen't speak and are not motivated from the get go

09-09-2011, 11:34 PM
im down to help you online. message me via xbox-GT-samsapde26

09-11-2011, 12:13 AM
My guide is finished, it's about half-way down the page. I have pictures for all the maps of Siege, should have no trouble with those camping places.

09-11-2011, 06:54 AM
Sam : Ill message you tomorow(its late anyway tonigh)
Nev : Thanks, gonna check it out to see, but im kinda sure i had the right spot...

09-11-2011, 07:17 AM
Checked your guide, this is exactly where i tried... it sure is good for the earlier wave... but after that... you get overhelm fast... if Sam wanna help me... hope your really good sam cause i dunno... im not noob in FPS but in this.... i have kinda trouble with COOP.

12-27-2011, 09:16 AM

NShepherd N7
04-04-2012, 04:33 AM
I dunno, I didn't have a single problem with the Sieges. My partner and I blazed through them, and we didn't camp on staircases or anything, we just ran around. One thing that we learned was not to stay near each other. If one of us went down, the other would sprint away from the combat to give the other time to spawn.

The only real annoying part was during the Pirate Bay siege. I kid you not, the very last guy got stuck outside the map. Luckily I learned that you can glitch out of the that very map, so I tracked the guy down by his crazy-suicide-bomber cries.