View Full Version : Heck Yeah Chaos is down - underleveled!

09-08-2011, 01:14 PM
I fought Chaos for 2 hours for a single battle my first time. I had to use U-formation 3 times to get him down to 25% health because I was so underleveled since I was trying to carry as many PP and EP over to my hard playthrough as possible. Unfortunately as I was trying to stay out of range of his party-whiping attacks until I could group up for the last U-formation to down him, he killed Leonhardt in such a way that I was unable to rez him. No one could piggyback to get in range, and the next round his gem disappeared. It was majorly downhill from there. I did get off one more set of EX3's but without Leonhardt for U-formation, it only did about 5-10% of his life.

After trying a different tactic and getting whiped in no time flat, leading me to believe my first attempt was the better tactic, I decided to bite the bullet and spend some PP so I wouldn't have to grind levels and gear in the boundary plane.

I spent 350k-ish EP out of the 3.2million I'd saved up to level Leonhardt's weapon Leo blade up to level 5 which gave him another 1k-ish atk. I then spent just 250pp on each of the other 5 characters, giving them about 200-250 more atk or magic each depending if sword/mage.

My next attempt took about 30 minutes, but I saved up almost 500 SP just in case I had to do a 2nd U-formation. I unleashed U-formation and a host of EX-1 and EX-2 attacks and a couple misc ones. The U-formation itself didn't down him, but it got him close enough that the follow-up attacks finished him off from around 35-40% health, for a single attack takedown.

It's amazing what a difference the 1k attack on Leo and 250atk/magic on the other 5 character's made. I wish I'd bagged him the first time since all I needed was one more U-formation, but it wasn't worth another 2-hour attempt to try to do it again and maybe fail. Best 350k EP and 1250PP I'll ever spend I think!

Stats during fight:
Leonhardt - Lvl 117 Atk 2408
Ladius - Lvl 116 Atk 1798
Thoma - Lvl 117 Mag 1760
Duran - Lvl 116 Mag 1895
Rex - Lvl 115 Atk 1792
Dyshana - Lvl 105 Mag 1698

I gained like 18 or 20 levels after the fight, lol, just remember seeing the level-up screen showing 135 or so.

Without even grinding in the boundary plane (I only did 8 or 9 red nodes on level 1, didn't kill any bosses in it) I now have 22million gold; 5,367,567EP; 20,862TP, and 15,198PP at the start of my Hard playthrough.

Update: only took 2.5 hours to go 75% of the way through chapter 1 on hard and a lot of that was smithing/alchemy. My characters already have nearly as much atk/magic as they did when I beat Chaos on easy, except for Leo. He's only at 1900ish atk and I had over 2400 with him. I gave Ellis over 1100 magic right off the bat before a single battle and was using Stardust with her (from turning in titles at adventurer's guild) to kill all but 1 or 2 enemies at the start of every fight. The enemies haven't even gotten a chance to attack me yet in a single fight, lol.