View Full Version : 700 to 800 cash in 30 secs ( farming ) spoilers

09-09-2011, 10:14 PM
once you complete act1 you end up at the church . do the mission to get in , then get all the available missions inside .

the mission Simon Says will show you where the warehouse is . run asap to this place , kill the zombies out front and enter . inside is a chest , a bat in front of the car , a hammer in back of car and a knife on the bench behind the car .

get these items and then go to fast travel on the door at front of warehouse . fast travel to church and sell weapons . fast travel back and repeat . the weapons chest wont reload , but all 3 others will .

best if you give all your weapons to jin ( ? ) to store that way you only have those 3 on you . you can earn 7to8 hundred in 30 secs or so . great if you need parts or a certain weapon for sale at the moment . i think this is fastest way to earn cash by yourself . if this is old sorry , did a search before .