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09-09-2011, 10:29 PM
This post is designated for the Sharp-Eyed Traveler achievement. I will be updating this first post often with the secret "look" locations needed to unlock this achievement. If you find a location that is not listed, post it below and I will add it and credit you. I have confirmed that you do not need to see all the "Look" locations in one play through. You can view them at anytime. I selected Act 8 just to see the baby and unlocked the achievement.

There will be spoilers.

Act 1 - Train

After reading the note from Kate, go down a few cabs til you see an open door with a single girl. A "Look" icon will appear. You'll make a comment about a student traveling alone.

At the end of the first car on the train, there will be an opportunity to "Look" out the last window on the right. You'll make a comment about the bad weather. -Thanks Brianzilla2004

After your first encounter with Jane, approach her backside and a "Look" icon will appear. You'll make a comment about her curves.

Before approaching the ticket guy on the train, There will be an open car with two military officers. Walk up to the middle of the open door and a "Look" icon will pop up.

After the train derails and you crouch under the rail, a "Look" icon will appear to your left. You'll watch the ticket guy get washed away.

After escaping the train and before following the rest of the survivors into the cave, The lone guy left behind will have a "Look" icon. You'll comment about him not going anywhere.

Act 8

Before interacting with Mary, walk to the baby crib and a "Look" will appear on the baby. You'll wonder if it's your kid. -Thanks Detainee 1304

09-09-2011, 11:24 PM
You missed one. Goes between the lone student and Jane encounters.

Act 1: At the end of the first car on the train, there will be an opportunity to "Look" out the last window on the right. Josh makes a comment about the bad weather.

Detainee 1304
09-09-2011, 11:29 PM
Most of them are pretty standard but I couldn't figure out why I missed it in my first playthrough. I finally unlocked it the second time


Before you start the final boss fight, when she is looking over the crib, there is an option to look at the baby, that was the final one I needed and the achievement popped.

Others off the top of my head:

On the train talk to the two military officers

Look at the old man in the cave sitting by the fire.

After watching the guy get electrocuted, if you turn right I believe, there is an option to watch a guy get smashed by spikes.

Both times you are out in the courtyard, there is an option to look at the well, which is past the stables/shed and creatures will come out. I don't know if that is necessary, but it can't hurt.

Also just to make sure I didn't miss one I looked at the Marco..., the man/dog on the other side of the fence, he tells you to hurry and get his heart.

When you are the "dream stage" on the train, just make sure you see each character vanish.

When you first enter the nursery, then go through the bedroom into the changing room, in the middle is the rack of dresses and an option to look and make a comment about how ugly or weird one of the dresses is.

If I can think of any others I'll post them.

09-15-2011, 03:36 AM
Act 3
After letting the guy get electrocuted, turn right to some bars, Look will make some Spikes kill another man

When entering to the closet room you can see all the dresses. I am not a fashion expert but that is one ugly dress.

Act 4
In the courtyard, behind the Shed that dog man is trapped is a well. When you look creatures will come out.

When Marko asks to look for his heart you can look at it. He says: What are you waiting for? It is not in Ice! It wont last forever!