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09-15-2011, 04:50 AM
It is very difficult (Maybe impossible) to miss this achievement, but I wanted to do a list JIC. Also since there is no guide, no place they give names to the zombies, it should be fun what names people gave to a specif type of zombie.

My list (will be updated soon)
Normal zombie
Knife Arm zombie
Dr zombies
Nurse zombie
Bag Heads (? Marks)
Cook (leaves Ice saw)
Mechanical Arms
Fly Guy
Pink-belly explosives
Business suit, Metal Shoulders
Woman in Mourning(leaves Machete in floor)
Ballerinas BOSS Tasha, Sasha
Power Arm Zombies
Claw Zombie-girls
Puppets BOSS (Max, Monica)
Puppets zombies
Jane, Babbling zombie BOSS