View Full Version : Warning- Latest update has "big" side effect

Grifter Reborn
09-17-2011, 04:55 PM
First time playing this in 2 weeks, but when I popped it in just now I had an update and gameplay update required for online play. When you go to play online (for me it was a dynasty) it warns you that you must re-save custom playbooks to use them. When you go back to main menu, load your custom playbook to make a change to "re-save" it, all of your plays are out of order (assuming you took the time to order them) and some plays are M.I.A. Just a warning to let you know and if you have any suggestions other than "take your time to re-order them back to where they were", please feel free. Also list any other issues with latest update.

Edit: After finally playing a game I can tell u 2 issues with new update:
1- after giving up a touchdown, scroll to special teams for FG block. Pressing "Y" takes you to punt block. Which blocks and returns are now separate formations.
2- if using Maryland I in playbook, it doesn't showup in-game. Just a blank space where it should be.