View Full Version : Soooo....Console command items?

09-21-2011, 04:19 AM
Alright, so I just got to the jungle, made my way to the village, and proceeded to start doing the immediate sidequests received. The first one was titled "Blood in the Tropics".

So I make my way to the waypoint on my map, and get into the room. I searched it completely, no key to the med cabinet, nothing. So I left the hut to explore a little more.

Now, here is the weird thing. I check out the other buildings, then mosey on back to the hut. I walk back in the front door (where the med cabinet is) and see a shimmer on the ground. The item has the skin of a personal id, however, when I pick it up it says this:


I then search the rest of the hut, and in the corner, on a table, is the med cabinet key.....

I guess in this longwinded tale about nothing, has anyone picked up items with like console labels in them, and if so, has it done anything for your game (good or bad)?

I know how glitchy this game is, as I have had to restart my character because my save froze and corrupted. But curious as to if this might do something with my game or not.