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09-22-2011, 06:32 PM
My friend isn't always online to play 2-headed with and more often than not I am annoyed by my randy teammates.

So I logged in with my 2nd account and hosted ranked lobbies all night using 2x Grave Whispers (something my friend rarely likes to do)

I can tell you right now playing as both players ROCKS!

I probably went like 25-2 or 25-1 last night going straight double GW.

Not that I've not done many of the other combos before (with a friend or randy) but I always like playing 2x GW but my friend rarely complies.

Can't wait to go on another blitz.

1st turn Rack(s) or 1st turn Illusion killer(enchant powerup) or 1st turn zombie token creator.

2nd turn double Liliana Vess or double demon horns.

3rd turn 2x Mind Rot on same player (whoever is threatening like auramancer, ancient depths or other GW)

4th turn Liliana Specter(s).

By this point they are usually crippled.


I play with Demon Horns in my GW decks cuz i like low cast cost and I tend to go up against a lot of swamp players too.
Lately I've been getting 4 horns out per match LOL.

Anybody else play both controllers?

I may work on opening up the Auramancer deck for my 2nd account cuz I basically opened up GW vs the AI then just unlocked the whole deck in ranked by winning, making sure to edit each time to keep my deck # where I like it.

Fun stuff - I may never play 2 Headed again with my buddy cuz his mic always cuts out and its annoying.

I suggest you try this method.

09-23-2011, 02:31 PM
would love to do so, but my second Account got no Gold!