View Full Version : Glitched titles 40 and 47???

09-27-2011, 01:04 AM
I've been fighting the Purgatory battle in the Boundary Plane for over an hour. I've killed at least 20 Griffings and probably 40-50 Dark Angels. Yet somehow these two titles still won't register as complete. I've met all the other requirements for the two titles (the other monster kills are bold green meaning they've been met) yet the requirements for 10 Griffins on title 40 and 30 Dark Angels for title 47 won't register. If this game's glitched out on me I'm going to be royall pissed as that's about 130 hours of gameplay down the drain when I'm going for 1000/1000.

At first I thought it was because I was using Judgement on them for the automatic kill effect, but I used that for plenty of other kill X enemy titles so that can't be it. Anyone know a fix?

Edit: Well I went to one of the quest areas in Generation 4 and killed 5 garuda's for another title and they registered, so I killed 10 griffins at the "ultimate" location in the boundary plane and it gave me credit. Apparently you don't get credit for any kills on the nodes that extend out from the main original Hexagon of the boundary plane. Wish I'd known that before. On the bright side the original Purgatory location I was trying to do it at is great to level from the low 200s to level 320-330 as up until 320-ish you get tons of exp and the griffins and all the other enemies at that node are susceptible to Judgement's death effect. You will want to have around 360-370 agility on Leo though so that you can act first at the beginning or the enemies will tear you up pretty bad.

05-22-2012, 05:21 AM
i've heard the griffins have to be done on the dlc map forest of eluvia on gen 5. i haven't completed it yet so i'm not sure, but this is what i've read. if you go to the agarest wiki it will tell you that they are found on screen 7 hope this helps u.