View Full Version : Chris battle game - corner Alexia 3!!!

09-28-2011, 05:16 AM
Bio Hazard / Resident Evil Code: Veronica Battle Game Chris - YouTube

This video is NOT made by me. The uploader is HKGoldenMrA (the knife king, if you do not know him yet. He knifes everything from RE1 T-002 to RE4 "It") .

Alexia 3 is a major time waster because she flies around making you miss.

By chance, you can corner Alexia 3 and put lead in her. Just watch the video.

If someone is going to make a Battle Game guide, please also kindly ask HKGoldenMrA and use his videos as reference.

Videos are far more efficient than words, you know.

P.S. Chris and Claire (Bow) are very strict in time. I found Claire (Grenade Launcher) & Steve a cake walk if you just fire away.