View Full Version : Retarded players

09-30-2011, 08:41 PM
I dont know, but I never saw players to play like now. I played through division 9 and 10 without any problems, with stats 10-0-1.

Then in division 8 here starts my problems, there are 4 kind of opponents:
1) using only LB + Y the whole match without any other passes
2) running only and only with CR7
3) playing ping-pong
4) playing 1-2 passes the whole match without doing anything else

btw. everyone is playing with Barcelona or Real Madrid. This is probably the best Fifa game, with the worst players online. I quitted playing FUT, because its the most frustrating game mode ever, Ive played 6 tournaments, losing 5 of them in final because the game wanted.

I cant believe that someone can do the same thing again and again the whole match, these people are so so retarded. I cant imagine doing this.

On top of that, this game has a serious error in the game, when your opponent uses LB+Y, your defender will stop for a little while, then you cant defend and you will concede a goal nearly everytime.