View Full Version : The Challenges Thread (For Challenge Accepted)

10-03-2011, 08:52 AM
Was thinking this would work as a Official Challenge thread where we post the active challenge for the week you'll need to complete to get the Challenge Accepted achievement (Complete an EA SPORTS Football Club Game Scenario Challenge).

I will post the current challenge that is active and keep the thread up to date. And post new ones as they are released. To access the Challenge tab press the back/select button at the Fifa 12 menu and choose Challenges, and there you'll find the Challenge you'll have to complete.

Current Challenge:
Win the North London Derby by 2 Goals + 600xp

With just 2 wins in their first 6, Arsenal find themselves down a goal early. Starting in the 36th minute, can you win by at least 2 goals to re-create the result of the EA SPORTS Simulation, a 3-1 Gunners victory? [Semi-Pro]

You'll need to win with a 2 goal lead while playing as Arsenal against Tottenham Hotspurs on Semi-Pro or higher.

Ends on: 4th of October (01.00 a.m GMT + 1)