View Full Version : Game customisation for user and CPU in settings menu....???

10-03-2011, 02:50 PM
What does this affect, i mean i know it changes certain aspects of each user (you or CPU) but does it effect achievements or leaderboards in any way, cos it seems to be just a way to make the game easier while playing on a harder setting.....maybe im just being a noob but can anyone shed some light on this for me =)

Off topic but im very disappointed with this years new tactical defending system, makes the gameplay slow and boring...i only ever contain or try and slowly jostle a player when im chasing back down the wing or stopping the CPU from getting too close to have a shot. But the tactical defending is apparent all over the pitch. When there defender gets the ball and i have a striker near him, i dont want him to slowly move in and take the ball....i want him to go through him, strikers challenge! But it seems almost impossible to get near them. Seems like EA have looked at the one thing that didnt need changing.....what about through ball accuracy, or changing the controller settings so they are more dynamic. I can never decide if i want manual or assisted through ball....assisted is too easy to defend against and not accurate, whereas manual is more accurate and less predictable but it takes about five in game minutes to power it up :(. Im glad i only traded games in for this, id have been wounded if i paid full wack!

10-03-2011, 03:20 PM
In short... It makes; your running faster, shots very powerfull and perfect (easily score from the halfway line), CPU retarded, leagendary difficulty simple and and it DOES NOT affect achievements or leaderboards.

It does go back to normal when you hit up the online.

Kind of defeats the point of working hard for cheevos/acomplishments dont you think...Tis fun mind you.


Also i like the new defending, i find it fun... dont really see why everyone is complaining :)

10-03-2011, 03:27 PM
I would like it if i had control of where i needed to use it on the pitch but when its over the full pitch it just slows the game down too much for me, however im gonna try changing them things cos my team never seems to make any runs and i think thats one of the sliders. but i wont be changing anything else, what is the point lol. I suppose the new defending is a kinda love hate thing, at least they gave us the option to change it though =)....oh and thanks for the help, muchos appreciatos!