View Full Version : I suck online... Help!

10-04-2011, 12:01 AM
Played 3 games (chose Aston Villa). Lost 4 nil, 3 nil, 3-2, Tried Everton (who beat me 4 nil) and still lost 3-2.

It just seems sooo different compared to Fifa 11 which I was ok at.

Now though, if you commit to a tackle and miss your defender is just out the game for that attack.

I seem to get closed down so easy and my opponent can stroll through my defence.

I play career mode on semi pro and I can win all my matches 3 or 4 nil easy.

I don't use A to contain, Is it worth using? Anything I might be missing or not using when my opponent is on the attack?

Am I missing something here??? I love the game but don't want to miss out online which I used to enjoy in previous games.

Xeno Jie
10-04-2011, 12:12 AM
Same things happened to me, I could even be hammered 7-1 by Arsenal (against Barca).
The attackers can just readily go thru my defending players and 'ONE ON ONE' fooling my keeper.

This is all because the 'improved' defending system in Fifa12, which cannot be changed in Online matches.