View Full Version : Chelsea FC vs. LA Galaxy (Beckham's first American Game)

07-24-2007, 06:23 PM
Wow, I really can't believe this topic wasn't drummed up while I was away! What did everyone think of David Beckham's debut for the LA Galaxy? I know he didn't do much as he was only on the field 13 minutes, but I think he is great for American soccer. We really need someone to help get people more interested in the sport. As we can see our quality of soccer is terrible! Did you see Landon Donovan miss that shot in the 70th minute? He is just terrible. Actually all our players are pretty much terrible. Chelsea should have won that game 5-0 at least! Possession time was ridiculous as I believe Chelsea had the ball 68% of the time vs. 32% even though it felt like they had the ball more than that. I honestly think the Chelsea players were told by their coach to take it easy on the Galaxy. I truly believe with all the talent on that Chelsea team that had they played 100%, it would have been a landslide victory. What was everyone's thoughts on the game?

07-24-2007, 06:40 PM
Well yeah, it's a top flight EPL team with one of the highest salaries in the world against a mediocre MLS team. Even in the MLS the Galaxy have been struggling (even my team, the Rapids, who are on a 10 game winless streak beat them).

But you're right, Beckham is good for the game. Although he's not the best player in the world (in my humble opinion, he's not even close) the amount of fan fair around him is bound to bring some more attention to the game and possibly even more talent. Ronaldo mentioned coming over here, Shevchenko said he would consider it at some point, Riquelme has been rumored to be working on a deal....we need more of that here even if we don't get these players at their prime. It's kind of retarded that the Galaxy seem to get more support than the other teams as far as that is concerned, but what's good for the goose is good for the gander I suppose.

As for the actual game, rather uneventful for all the hype. Beckham only played a little bit, gave some people a scare with the ankle, and mishit a corner. Meh.

Wandering Proof
07-24-2007, 06:56 PM
Beckham isn't good for the game over here he is only good for the media... which unfortunately will make people love soccer for the brief time he is here. He is acting here as he has everywhere else as a pretty poster boy for the sport.

The thing I find most unfortunate is that he will probably get more people interested in soccer in this country then when we had such legends as George Best and Pele playing here...

We are a plastic culture that is only interested in the media hype and stardom a player like Beckham will bring to this country, as opposed to the attention he should be bringing to the game.

All his talk about being able to bring this sport to America is BS when every ad I have seen him in... and being in LA I see A LOT, doesn't even make a notion at the sport... it's just him looking pretty.

I'll stick with watching the good stuff on Fox Soccer Channel...

07-24-2007, 06:57 PM
I hate the MLS i refuse to watch it when compared to the major UEFA league teams theirs just not enough talent. MLS seems to me 90% speed if your fast you can play in the MLS. Maybe I would like it if there was a team within 5000 miles of me but FL doesn't even have a team so its hard to watch teams i just dont care about. However, after the hype is gone i dont think david beckham coming here will do anything for soccer in america. Because people who didn't care before wont care now just because some new british guy shows up. If that was the case then americans would have been watching UEFA soccer and we haven't been we love football and one guy wont change american society.

Oh and I watch soccer all the time this isn't anything against soccer i just dont think much will change.

(Man i must be tired my grammar is horrible right now haha)

07-24-2007, 07:19 PM
Bottom line America needs Becks yeah your right poster boy none the less he is a good player and will bring other players to the MLS which is a known fact ye need them America is way behind soccer wise so i hope ye do start geting better players and will benifit in the long run from this move!! Americas all about hand games that the scores are huge like basket ball baseball i think they cant stand the beautiful game because it takes proper skill and talent and your not going to see a soccer game with a score 100points to 128 points!!!

Turbo VDuB 44
07-31-2007, 02:22 PM
You won't see soccer boom in America because people are stat crazy. Look at it like this. In the NFL you can keep track of how many "pancakes", how many missed tackles, even how many times they grab each others asses. In soccer you have what, 7 maybe 8 categories to keep track of. People in America, like was said before, are completely plastic and only follow what the media calls out. No one has said a damn about Juan Pablo Angel, who in my opinion is a better all-around soccer player than Beckham. I can't deny it however, Beckham is hands down the best player from corners and set pieces now, if not ever, and his younger days with Man. U. were simply incredible (although i hate Man. U.).

Unless you have George Steinbrenner move to the MLS and create a Yankees-esque team, where players are making 25 mil a year over 10 years, soccer will never be big in the country and true sporting fans know which sport is the best. I mean come on. The NFL really couldn't come up with another name besides "Football"?!? Original America, real original.

As for the game, I am a die hard Blue fan and couldn't have cared less that Becks was playing. I tried getting tickets 3 days before the game just to see Lampard and Shevchenko and Drogba play live. Now that is real soccer. Becks touched the ball what, 4 times? and the slide tackle that everyone collectively held their breath? The Chelsea player pulled his leg back and didn't follow through, Becks was playing the ball and could have easily avoided it if he had jumped.

All in all he will be good for the sport media wise, but again like what was said before, the sport may actually falter because of this. When he retires what will happen? No announcers will comment for 2 hours about whether or not some slut takes off her fucking sunglasses. FSC, thank you for presenting real futbol, not this corporate bullshit that Americans fall into because of 1 player.

08-28-2007, 05:57 PM
each team needs 2-3 david beckhams. we have plenty of quality soccer players in america, but most of them go over seas for more money and fame. the MLS seems to be the retirement league for soccer players from different leagues, but thats ok. if that will keep drawing media attention, the league can pick up more sponsors and will improve.