View Full Version : BOOSTING TOMMOROW 5:15pm EST

Matt Jo
07-25-2007, 01:22 AM
I need a partner to boost for 45 more wins at 5:15pm EST, i had 98% for the Don and it got reset to 82%, so im boosting...who wants to help?

07-25-2007, 01:38 AM
I think I can help at this time too.

The Pants Party
07-25-2007, 03:03 AM
Please use the Achievement Trading threads in the future guys, it helps keep the boards neat and clean. Thanks.

Shaaady Souljah
07-25-2007, 03:04 AM
wow. 2 threads. not cool.
this is your first and final warning...

we have an EDIT button. we have achievement trading threads. i suggest you use both.