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10-08-2011, 03:58 PM
It was boring doing it a couple of hundred times in NHL 11, and in nhl 12 I still can't find an option for choosing default strategies. Do I really have to change them in game for each and every HUT game I play? Soon I'll revert to just letting the strategies be.

10-09-2011, 06:30 PM
Your default team strategies in HUT are determined by the team logo you use. This carried over from NHL 11.

I'm anal about what I'm using too and actually went through all 211 teams putting their strategies into a spreadsheet. Very disappointing to see so many teams use the exact same combos, especially in the CHL teams. None of the teams have the defensive pressure on "puck side attack."

Closest I could get to my preferred combos was Lulea HF from the Elite league. Aggressive offensive pressure, behind the net/behind the net/crash the net/crash the net forward line strategies, shooting PP, normal defensive pressure, staggered defensive strategy, passive box PK, and a 1-2-2 high forecheck. I'll usually keep this if I'm playing on an international sized ice surface, or change it to puck side attack defensive pressure if I'm on North American sized ice.

I would prefer my first two forward lines to be overload, but the closest team is then Modo. Same as above, but it goes to overload/overload/crash the net/crash the net forward line combos, overload on the PP, and a contain puck defensive pressure. For that I change my defensive pressure for any game I play, but that is the only thing I have to change.

If there is a particular thing you want to have let me know and I can look up what possible team logos you can go after.

10-09-2011, 07:06 PM
Omg, when you think you are the biggest geek there is always someone who is worse (no offense, I mean this in a good way). I'm so lucky you've looked into the teams.

In 11, I had Augsburg (DEL), which actually matches how I like to play now. Since 12 is a little bit different I haven't decided completely yet.

In 11, my goon squad had 1/5 in all three, collapsing, behind the net on all four lines, umbrella PP and passive box.

In 12 I haven't decided yet, but I'm leaning towards 3/5 forechecking, 3/5 defensive pressure and 4/5 offensive pressure, tight point, behind the net on all lines, umbrella PP and diamond.

10-09-2011, 07:38 PM
I completely understand! I'm a hardcore hockey fan and have always been a gamer. A perfect storm goes on with this franchise and I go all out.

Unfortunately, there are only three teams that use behind the net on all four lines and they don't have many of the other things you are looking for. All three teams are from the DEL.

Augsburg Panthers - Offensive pressure defend lead (1/5?), BtN/BtN/BtN/BtN, umbrella PP, defensive pressure protect net (1/5?), defensive strategy collapsing, passive box PK, 1-2-2 high forecheck (1/5).

DEG Metro Stars - Offensive pressure conservative (2/5), BtN/BtN/BtN/BtN, umbrella PP, defensive pressure protect net (1/5), defensive strategy collapsing, diamond PK, 1-2-2 high forecheck (1/5).

Kolner Haie - Offensive pressure conservative (2/5), BtN/BtN/BtN/BtN, shooting PP, defensive pressure protect net (1/5), defensive strategy tight point, diamond PK, 1-2-2 high forecheck (1/5).

I'm having a hard time remembering for sure what the order is for the offensive/defensive pressure and forecheck. I think it goes defend lead/conservative/standard/aggressive/full attack and protect net/contain puck/normal/puck side attack/full attack. Forecheck I'm more cloudy on. I believe 1-2-2 high is the "lowest" setting cause that's what I like to use. Don't remember where the rest fall though.

If you care less about having the lines right and want more of the other things you are looking for, Team Canada is pretty close:

Team Canada - Offensive pressure aggressive (4/5), Overload/BtN/BtN/Overload, umbrella PP, defensive pressure normal (3/5), defensive strategy tight point, diamond PK, 1-2-2 low forecheck.

Might give these few teams a try and see which you end up liking best.

10-09-2011, 07:54 PM
I think I'll go with Augsburg again, I think I'll have the least work changing strategies then. Thanks for the effort you put in helping me. :)