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10-09-2011, 10:16 PM
I killed the first bell boss and capra, and I'm not sure where i should go now, there's a door I still don't know how to open, the one under where you fight the taurus demon, anyone know how to open that one?

Anyone got any suggestions on where i should go next?

10-10-2011, 01:24 AM
use the key you got from the Capra to unlock the door to the depths. Sorry its a wall of text, Im really tired. lol

in fact here is one I wrote for someone else:

spoilers though.

To open the door you mentioned you need the mystery key found near the church area of the gargoyals. Just make sure you search everything thoroughly.

I have heard you can fight the great wolf Sif in the forest but I havent gone that way yet, so I suggest you go this way:

Really first you need to grind a lot. You need A LOT of arrows for your bow, poison cures, curse cures, and upgrades for your weapon if you want them. Its highly suggested since there are a lot of strong enemies coming up.

After the gargoyals, if you havent yet go to the right of the church and upgrade your weapons at the black smith. then you will want to head to the left of the undead burg past the small bridge that gets fire bombed, past hounds and assassins until you reach a fog door. There is a PAIN in the butt boss here (capra). I have a thread with helpful strategies on here or maybe the ps3 sister site (www.ps3trophies.org) for beating him. He gives you the key to the door to the depths. Go through the depths and sewers. Once you beat the sewer boss who is pretty easy, you will get the key to blight town. Blight is very easy but you have to know how to handle it. You need to bring the spider shield from the sewers (dont enter the sewer with out buying the thing that removes curses. You can get them from the lady in the aquaduct leading back from the area the Capra demon was. Just follow the stairs up the tower until you get there. Buy like 3-5 of them) and keep the shield up all the times while in Blight Town. Before going to blight town you need to buy poison and toxic cures. A lot of them. Mainly the toxic cure cause you can live to though poison if necessary. They cost 1000 each. There are dart guys that will give you toxic, but once you kill the dart guys they will never return. You can also find another fire keeper soul here to increase your estus flask. Move slowly and shoot one guy at a time with arrows to get him to come after you. Fight one on one so you dont get overwhelmed. Kill the boss here and then ring the second bell to open up sens fortress. You can also find the key to new londo ruins in blight town. The entrance to new londo is at the top of the rotating wheel in the blight town swamp area at the top of the rotating wheel, just on the other side of the cliff in valley of the drakes. There is an elevator in the beginning of new londo to firelink shrine if you need to restock. The fat guys at he top of the wheel in blight town can be lured to fall of the edge. Also in the swamp area you can walk up a tree root guarded by slugs, on the back side of a chest there is a wall you can hit to open a secret entrance to the great hollow. But do not come here without curse cures, sold by the lady that sells the poisons stuff mentioned above. Drop inside the tree in the great hollow to get the cloranthy ring. Then continue through to get to ash lake and fight the hydra boss. Search my thread here called "help with boss ash lake" or something for an easy way to beat him. But do not come to this area without a shield that does 100% damage reduction and decent endurance level. here you will find 5 dragon scales that you can upgrade your drake sword to at least a +3 with if you want. Then keep going to reach the dragon covenant guy. You can also cut his tale off without causing a fight to get a powerful weapon.

10-10-2011, 07:41 AM
I just killed the Capra. From where do I enter the Depths/sewers?

10-10-2011, 03:06 PM
I just killed the Capra. From where do I enter the Depths/sewers?

The door to the Depths is immediately just before the entrance to the Capra boss, to the right and down some stairs. Can be a little tricky to spot at first.

10-10-2011, 03:30 PM
The above guy is correct but just to help out more, there are some stairs that go up into a door inside of a tower that you can keep going up in. There is one archer and eventually you get to the aquaduct that goes back to fire link shrine. Well dont go this way. From the Capra boss area when you go right past 2 assassins you will see the stairs to the above area going up on the left. Directly in front of these stairs is the door you unlock with the Capras key on the right.

Do not proceed here with out curse cures and poison/toxic cures. Its not something you need to worrry about in The Deptch but is most definitely is beyond that. If you follow the aquaduct mentioned above you can find a merchant behind some bar, in the aquaduct that sells all of this. They are expensive though. Curse cures are 6000 a piece, toxic are 1000 and poison are 500.

10-10-2011, 09:13 PM
Curse cures are sold at half price from the priest in the first bell tower.

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10-12-2011, 02:35 AM
Curse cures are sold at half price from the priest in the first bell tower.

I can confirm this. They are sold for 3000 from this npc