View Full Version : "Disc Read Error" and Freezing

Flik Nightshade
10-13-2011, 11:58 PM
I've dug around on goggle and saw some posts for the PS3 version, but nothing for the XB360 yet. And I didn't see anything when searching this section, so sorry if this is a retread of an existing thread.

But - has anyone else had any issues with Resident Evil 4 HD crashing on them?

I played through the entire game on Normal and had exactly no problems what so ever. Now I'm on the very last act on my Professional run and out of the blue I get a disc read error. Strange, but I've had that happen on a downloadable game before years ago. After that happened, every time I jump into the menu the game crashes when I try to leave it. The game also crashed anytime a cutscene starts to load also.

I loaded up a save that was thankfully a few minutes prior to that save, at a chapter complete checkpoint, and it seems to be functioning perfectly. I sat here for a few minutes just spamming start to enter and exit the inventory screen and it didn't crash once. So it seems as if somehow the entire file had become corrupted. I was just curious if anyone else in the community had experienced the same issue so far?

Teh Paralyzer
10-14-2011, 10:10 PM
I can confirm that once in a while a Games On Demand game can disc read error. It shouldnt happen to often. More of a rare wtf moment.

However Ive never seen or heard an issue on RE4. The disc read error is possible (why I dont know) but crashing hasnt happened to me once so it must be a PS3 thing.