View Full Version : How do i.... Win?

True I Skill
10-15-2011, 07:09 AM
So i played the demo when this was on a deal, The demo was alright, i Enjoyed it... I got the game, got past the demo part, I am now stuck. Everything is really challenging... I am guessing its something i am doing wrong...

Anyway i am up to a part where i am in the forest and sort of free to go where i want in that forest, There is a cave to the left, when i go inside there is one guy in the top right who i think i have to beat as a main quest, I Do not see this happening any time soon. On the left there is a demon guarding a chest, i can beat him.

Anyway i am level 3, and any random encounter i come across i get my ass handed to me as soon as they pull off there first move, most enemies are level 5. I build up a ton of attackers and defenders, but either way i lose, because they just break through my defense like it was nothing and kill me, Or i wipe out there defense then by the time i build another unit to attack that position they are defending it already.

So, i guess tips on how to beat the A.I? I only have 3 different units... the fairies, bear's, & archers.

Daniel Hades
10-17-2011, 02:13 AM
I'm sorry to hear you're having so much trouble with it.

If you walk around in the beginning a little bit you should find a chest right next to the hunter's lodge with an artifact that gives you 25% more hp. Very good for starting out.

Before you go into the cave, you should have gotten a deer unit. It's a super unit that jumps over walls which makes the fight in the cave easier. You might want to press Y and see if you can equip it.

Other than that remember if you delete a unit and it creates a formation, you get another turn and call for reinforcements right before the enemy attacks. If you're really having trouble try not using pixies. Hunters are good against demons since most demon formations take 3 turns to complete while hunters attack in 1 turn.

True I Skill
10-17-2011, 09:32 AM
Ah yeah i forgot to mention i had dear's The layout of my units when i start always sucks, the dear's are always in a position that would mean using a ton of moves just to get them into a attack position.

I guess i will just keep going at it until i get a good layout of units one match, and get rid of them pixies, i had a feeling they sucked. Thanks.


I figured it out, i was trying to do the side quests thinking that it was the main quest.
My quest was to find the hidden grotto, The problem with that was i thought the hidden grotto was that house you meet the dude that follows you around at. So yeah, I had to go up to the log and press A to reveal the secret path! i knew there was something up with that and i am sure i pressed a on it before but nothing happened! Anyway i made it through, the enemies was easier and i leveled up on them enough to make it through the beginning.