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10-15-2011, 07:30 PM
I'm sure this thread will grow in size and popularity over time, but I would like for this to be a collective effort.

We need to gather videos and guides for all means of tips and tricks in Halo: CE. Hopefully many of them will remain in the full game of Anniversary, we can only hope.

The sorts of things I am talking about include speed-runs, level skips, tricks for making parts easier, and making things easier in general (especially for Legendary).

So to start off, here's a video on how to one-shot kill Hunters with the pistol. This will probably be extremely helpful on Legendary, assuming it will still work.

I have split the videos into two sections, helpful things, and tricks/glitches.


Halo 1 Tips and Tricks-Hunter kill with 1 shot - YouTube

How to skip half of the silent cartographer - YouTube

Halo - Tricks for a Hogless Halo Run - YouTube
NOTE FOR HOGLESS HALO RUN: You only need to watch from 0:00 to 0:12 to see the part you must worry about.

Halo: Combat Evolved - Sequence Break - YouTube

Halo - How to find banshees on assault on the control room - YouTube


Bottom of Halo - YouTube

Game Over - Halo Trick Video - YouTube

Halo: Combat Evolved - Glitches, Tips, and Tricks - Fuel Rod Jump Tutorial - YouTube

Tower to Tower - YouTube

Warthog jump - YouTube


Nevander (for uploading a couple, they aren't my videos)
LAXdoubleK (author & uploader)
RoyalHoodie (author & uploader)
kingnahum17 (author & uploader)
adilsokolovic12 (author & uploader)
Ms. Man (author)
Triple Kill Productions (author)
bladeravana (author & uploader)
DborKnowsBest (for submitting videos)
DarkReign2021 (for very useful information)
lifeexpectancy (for submitting videos)
ToiletPro (author & uploader)
kyubifire (author & uploader)

10-16-2011, 12:42 AM
Halo: Combat Evolved - Glitches, Tips, and Tricks - Fuel Rod Jump Tutorial - YouTube

10-16-2011, 01:25 AM
Really suprised there wasnt a chievo for the hunter trick actually. One of the fondest things I remember from CE

10-16-2011, 04:15 AM
Halo: Combat Evolved - Glitches, Tips, and Tricks - Fuel Rod Jump Tutorial - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9J5UARzCDq0)

Unfortunately I don't think the Fuel Rod Gun is going to be usable in this game. I think they brought over the Xbox version instead of the PC version, which is really disappointing.

Unfortunately I do not have a capture card. I'm hoping there's a theatre mode in this (though I'm doubting it at this point.)

Until than, I'll write out some tricks I use

Pillar of Autumn-

Triple Wielding:

Trapped Elite killing: In the room with the Staircase in the middle, there are going to be 4 Elites. 2 are upstairs raining fire down on the marines. The other 2 are easy targets though. Immediately after entering, go the the blast door on the left side of the bottom floor. The bulk will pull away and you'll have glass doors revealing an elite and grunts inside. As soon as they part, quickly stick him with a plasma grenade and there's nothing they can do about it. If you can survive the trip up the stairs the same thing happens behind another bulk door on the opposite side from the first one.


Elite Dodge and Die: At the beginning of the level, quickly cross the bridge. In front of you and to the left, there will be a big rock. Get on top of it and use your Pistol and AR to take out one of the overhead banshees (don't worry about the second one.) Watch the bridge and an elite will start to cross to your side. Wait until he's about half-way across and pump a few rounds into him. He will duck to the left and fall off of the bridge to his doom.

Firefight with a flee option: When you encounter the first set of marines, if you plan on doing the level on foot, just gather the supplies you need (at least one grenade is needed) and just leave. Dialog will disappear, but the scripting for the mission will still remain. Likewise, with the 3 encounters in the second half of the mission just go to two of the areas (I pick the Hills and the Rock Slide area) and kill the marines here with grenades or luring enemies near them. Than go to the final area, kill everything, and mission will complete.

Beat the gap: I noticed people are having trouble with this, so here's a video I hope will help. I personally find it easier with a plasma grenade since you have the 3 second fuse to get positioned correctly. It also helps to get a running start for momentum.)


Bridge Skippers: When you get to the large underground room and it comes time to activate the bridge, you can easily skip the elites in the hallway. With a hog, just park next to the wall where the console is and jump up by standing on the vehicle. Without, you can grenade jump up just as easily. When you activate the console, it plays an unskippable cutscene. To skip it completely, throw a plasma grenade and activate immediately afterward. Nothing will play, but the bridge will extend.

Sniper Haven: This one builds off of the marine killing trick, but it requires a warthog. Take your warthog to the hills area and kill everybody, than take the Sniper Rifle on the ground. Next, go to the Rock Slide area and get the Sniper Marine in your passenger seat, than kill the rest of the marines. Finally, go to the cliffside area from the left entrance. You'll notice a steep grassy hill to the right. Go about halfway and you'll see a little dip in the ground where the grass is darker. Your warthog can climb straight up the side and go to the top of the cliff. Once you're up, position your hog with the passenger side facing the base close to the edge, than tell the sniper marine to get out. He'll stand in that one spot and snipe until he can't find anything to kill. Use your sniper to help speed up the process, go down and kill the enemies in the tunnels, and the pelican should come for the level to end.

Truth and Reconciliation:

Snipe and Duck: After the first large canyon, you'll come to a cliffside along the second where Cortana suggests you and the marines split up to ambush the enemy. Right as you get around this corner you'll see an elite patrolling the cliff to the left of the ramp up into Canyon 2 and a turret to the right. Snipe both of them, than look at the ground. You'll notice a small rock in the corner of your level beneath where the turret is. Stand on this rock and jump to snipe the enemies without being exposed for too long. On Co-op have one partner stand on the rock and the other on the partners head. Than crouch and stand to snipe the enemies easily.

Canyon 3 re-balanced: After killing all of the enemies in Canyon 2, you'll find a camouflage by a group of tree. Grab that and move as quickly into the third canyon as possible. There are a handful of turrets in the area and you can tell which ones are active by there being purple. Rush into the canyon, stick a plasma grenade to the elites back, than run to the closet turret, stick it, and snipe the enemies out of the remaining turrets. You're camo should be wearing off about now, but you've already eliminated a ton of enemy firepower and now the fight will mostly be just the waves coming from the dropship.

Door Skip: Inside the ship, after you beat the waves in the cargo bay, proceed as normal and you'll come into a room where Cortana will tell you to unlock the bulk door to let the marines in. Instead of doing that, go over to the doors you normally go through after killing everything and lure a grunt close enough to open 1. Run through before they shut and you can skip that entire fight. This works on all locked doors, but it won't work in the cargo bay fight at the beginning.

Teleporting Keyes: When you get to the third floor of the Hangar. you'll go past a computer console that you'll be required to activate at the end of the level. It won't prompt you to do so, but go up to it and hold the X button to activate it. Proceed through the level and after you save keyes and Reach the bridge, let the dialog finish and as the doors unlock the game should take you to the end of the mission.

10-16-2011, 04:16 AM
Silent Cartographer:

Circle of Death: Immediately after storming the beach. jump into your warthog and load it with marines. Go over to the building that leads to the underground facility and kill everything outside. After everything is dead, you'll notice a cave in the side of cliff where that base is. The entrance is right around the corner. Take your warthog inside and park it so that the turret can look out across the outside of the base. Get out and walk over to where the second warthog is. Take it and load it up with marines as well, than return to the facility again. This time, on the opposite end where the grass meets the platform you'll find a fallen tree. Park your warthog alongside it and leave it as well. If you're lucky, when you come back one or both of the hunters will be dead.

Vehicular Manslaughter: After obtaining all three warthogs, take them all into the upper floor area of the Cartographer facility (with the empty openings on the side. Park one inside 3 of the 4 openings (like a parking garage :D) and when you come back from the Cartographer the invisible elites should either be dead or spawned out in the open where it's easier to find them and they can't take cover.

Skipping Security: Take a warthog inside the facility and force it down the ramp into where the door normally shuts. If you're positioned just right and gun it fast enough, you can ram the front end of your warthog through the doorway before it shuts. Get out of the vehicle and you should be inside, which skips half of the mission.

Bypass the tree/Getting above the level: The first trick is getting the warthog into the center of the island. To do this, line up the warthog with the path to the left of the giant tree that's in your way. The goal is to bounce the front left bumper off of the cliff wall just enough to ride it and squeeze the warthog through.. Once you're inside, there are two ways out of the level. With the warthog, just go to the top of the sloping path into the center until you see a dip in the cliff. Stand on top of the warthog turret and you should be able to jump or grenade jump up to the top. Without a warthog, go down to meet the two hunters. As ones getting ready to slam you, grab an overhshield and jump in the direction of where you want to get out at. You should go high enough to land on it and not take any damage.

Tree Sniping: After activating the security console, go back outside and you'll see a crashed pelican in the distance. To the right of the overhanging structure you're standing on you'll see a group of trees beneath you. Jump off onto the trees and you'll be able to stand on them. Go to the front edge and you can use your pistol to safely take out all of the jackals and Grunts surround the site with your newly found height advantage.

Death-Free Fall: When you get into the Cartographer facility, go down the second floor where the bloody corpse messes are located. If you look over the edge, you'll see a yellow-lit platform beneath you. If you walk off the edge and crouch as you hit, you should survive the fall. From there, if you walk off the edge again and and land on the overshield on the next floor down, you'll survive that fall and be right next to the map room. Note: All of the enemies you skipped will still be alive, so the fight out wil be noticeably more challenging.

Stealth it out: When you activate the Map and make it back to the next floor up, go right after leaving the ramp room and there will be another room with a ramp going down. Take it and there will be a camo right next to the exit. Grab it and move as fast as you can to the next floor up. Be sure to melee or plazzie stick and elites or jackals you encounter so they won't ambush you later. The camo should last just long enough to make it to the room where you initially encountered the hunters.

If I get time I'll post the rest of the levels tomorrow when I get home from work. AotCR has the best glitches in the game :D

10-16-2011, 05:14 AM
Wanna see a trick? Fast forward to about 10:50 or 11:00 if you're impatient. This challenge took 7 years for someone to complete.

Tower to Tower - YouTube

10-16-2011, 05:45 AM
Now that is what I call a badass trick. Very impressive, considering how long it took for someone to do it, it must be very difficult and time consuming (like just insanely difficult). Props to Duelies.

10-16-2011, 06:31 AM
Very nice jump. But if Anniversary has a Cowbell- or Sputnik-esque Skull that might not be as difficult now.

EDIT: Oh right, should say I didn't know about the one-shot Hunter. Will have to use that!

10-16-2011, 02:27 PM
This thread is a win for the Hunter vid alone. :D

This should be stickied.

10-17-2011, 09:01 PM
That Is epic man, 7 years to complete good vid too.

Mental Reap3r
10-18-2011, 05:12 PM
Look forward to using some of these in the near future :D

10-18-2011, 05:37 PM
Posted some new stuff on the first post.

10-18-2011, 09:42 PM
time to continue:

Assault on the Control Room:

Jumping down from Bridge 1:
This trick is even easier in co-op. When the person climbing down is ready to jump, have the partner kill himself. Fall down to the snowy ledge and if you don't stop in time, your partner will spawn on the ledge, allowing you both to get down easily. This trick will despawn every enemy through the rest of the level, so it makes for a quick and easy run on Legendary if you're willing to cheat your way through.

Secret Banshee early in level: (and bonus hidden song)

This trick is great if you want to get your hands on that banshee achievement early on. If you use it to fly through the tunnel area quickly it will also despawn all of the enemies in the rest of the level after that, which is, again, great if you want to beat the level with ease.

Sam Fisher style:
Part 1: After crossing the first bridge and getting through the room to the elevator, you will to an identical room at the bottom. This room can be completely stealthed through with some fancy foot work. After leaving the lift area in the main room, beat down the sleeping grunts and go to the right. Watch your radar and you will spot an elite walking down the hallway on patrol. Wait until he walks down the way he came and hit him in the back and proceed around the next turn. If you use the square structures in the walkway for cover, you can usually sneak past everybody in the middle area. As you continue to push forward, you may or may not be spotted by a Jackal, but even if you are by time he sees you you'll already be into the Hallway and heading for the next area where they won't even follow you.

Part 2. After sadly being forced to abandon your vehicles, you'll end up in the 4th canyon (with the large 2-sided slope downward in the middle) Get in through the door and you'll be in a room with 2 Elites and nothing but sleeping grunts. The first elite will be waiting with his back turned right where you are, but the second will be patrolling in the middle of the room. You can choose to either assassinate him with a minute of patience or very easily just sneak past him. If you do kill both, you get the satisfaction of being able to beat down every grunt in the room without firing a single round. Good for stress relief... and payback :D

Swapping Bridges: When you get to the second bridge segment of the level, you'll notice there's an identical one right next to it. Also notice the glass at each end of the bridge and see how it slopes down. With careful placement, you can jump on top of the glass at its lowest point. Walk up the glass carefully until you reach the top, than jump over to the other bridge. From there you can cross the bridge with little to no hassle from the enemies or use the distance and cover to take them out from a safer location. Get to the opposite end of the bridges and cross back over to continue the level. (Warning: Do not go through the door you're closest to during the first crossover. It will lead to a dead end a good ways ahead of you as scripting will fail to load.) When you get to bridge the second time, you can cross over again, but this time there will be hunters on the bridge with you, so have a pistol handy to 1-shot them in the backs.

343 Guilty Spark:

Fly-Bys allowed: As soon as the game gives you control of the chief, start spamming the grenade button BEFORE he gets off of the Pelican. Do this until he throws a single grenade. This should keep him seated on the pelican until it takes off. From there, wait until it lands somewhere outside of the level parameters. Wandering around up here will eventually lead you to a lone Marine by the name of Jenkins. Some more wandering, if you time it right, will net you your first glimpse of a couple combat flood forms, though they won't attack you. If you follow along the cliff edge you'll eventually spot the Facility entrance you're looking for. You can drop down right on top of it and easily get inside to bypass all fighting.

Bunny Hop: A good way to shave a few minutes off of your 21 minute time limit for this level is to hop across the broken bridge. You'll know it's broken from the flicker. Well if you study it long enough and learn the pattern, you can time it with your jumps and make it from one end to another.

Flood: A tip about the flood since most of you are probably only joining the series since Halo 3. Combat forms have the ability to sometimes get up twice. Unlike Halo 2 and 3 where Infection forms were needed to reanimate them, in this game it's completely randomized (though less likely if you use more powerful weapons like Shotguns and Rocket Launchers.) The pistol is also able to blow off the combat forms arms sometimes without it dying. Doing this makes them completely harmless, so let it live or kill it if you like (I once had an army of harmless pet flood. It was cute.) The Infection forms (or poppers) are best saved for last. Use your shield to allow them to pop without wasting ammo or if you're shied is low, a single bullet from an assault rifle (or any weapon) will cause several to pop simultaneously. You only need a few bullets to put out an entire group instead of spraying. As for Carrier forms, they will only blow up if you kill them or they get close to you, so getting onto a large enough platform will deter them from even coming after you, allowing you to kill them at your own discretion.

The Library:

The long way: When the level starts out early on, you'll notice a circular room that you have to pass through by walking around the rim. On each floor floor after that you will encounter upper portions of this room. Find the direction you're supposed to go, than go in the opposite direction. Make use of your crouch jump to hop over the barriers circling the round chamber and you will eventually make it around with no enemy encounters until you get to the bulk door with 343 waiting. After he leaves you can go back over and hop over the last barrier until it opens to avoid doing a lot of fighting.

The Flood Parade: At one point you will come out of a small tunnel and you'll have sealed blast doors on both sides of you. The door to the left will be the one that needs opened, so activate 343 and as he leaves, look to the right of the door to see a little crevice area. Hide in there as far back as you can go with your back to the wall and none of the flood should see you while you wait. After the door opens you'll see all of the flood units march past you as they go to take on the Sentinels (who hold their own pretty well.)

Two Betrayals:

No tanks for you: This is will probably take some practice starting out, but it's worth it. Go to the top of the tower outside of the pyramid and get the sniper rifle and any frags you need. Also be sure to get a full set of plasma grenades. Leave the tower, but stay on the top area of the pyramid and get as close to the giant beam going up the side as you can. (don't start proceeding down the side paths yet.) You'll notice a wraith tank inactive at the bottom if you use your sniper rifle. If you angle your reticule just right, using most of your grenades (you should have 4 plazzies and 4 frags) you should be able to blow it up. (Use Plasma grenades first. if they don't stick to the tank, revert and try again.)

3-ways aren't my thing: There aren't actually many tricks to this level. It's a perseverance test. One thing to make this easier, however, is to always wait out an on-going fight. Whenever you come to a scene where you hear gunfire, just take cover and stay put. The flood and Covenant are constantly fighting throughout this level and one side will always win eventually, though it's not always the same outcome. Sometimes a banhsee might take out the Flood on the bridge, but other times the Rocket Flood will get lucky and take out the banshee instead. Sometimes the banshee wreckage will crush enemies, other times it'll miss completely. That's one of the things that made Halo: CE so great.

I'm off work tomorrow, so if I get a chance I'll get some stuff for the final 2 levels posted as well. Anything to make your legendary runs a little bit easier.

10-18-2011, 09:43 PM
This thread is simply amazing. I'll give it a 5-star rating, right now. Looking forward to seeing more!
One thing I'd like to see is a video of someone playing the opening beach sequence on The Silent Cartographer without having any marines die while on legendary(or heroic) difficulty (aka the Beachhead achievement). I know it's more luck based, and you may need to have a quick trigger finger, but I just want to see this done so I know it's not impossible...can't get it for the life of me. I've been trying this for some time now.

10-18-2011, 10:03 PM
If I had a capture card I'd get it for you, but regrettably I do not. In words the best I can, though.

After getting off of the dropship, pop a frag grenade over by where the First Elite is to get him distracted or in cover, than immediately take out the 3 grunts by the cliff wall to your left. They should drop a plasma grenade or two. Stick the Elite or headshot him with the pistol quickly, than take out the grunts as well. If any marines so much as look like they're going to be a hero, start popping frags in their general direction and it will get them to dive back (and hopefully not into it as they sometimes like to do...) The toughest part is getting the Elites and Jackals at the very end where the marines gather after the fight. I usually pop grenades to keep them diving (usually don't have any luck taking the elites out with the grenades though) and use charged plasma pistol bolts with my pistol for quick and hopefully painful deaths.

10-23-2011, 10:20 PM
Thanks Op for the great thread. Really enjoying seeing some of these vids since it brings back some memories.

EDIT: As one poster above said, I will also give it a five star.

10-23-2011, 11:30 PM
Just wanted to say awesome thread, i remember a few of these from my days on CE, can't wait to see how much it explodes once the game is released.

On a side note, not sure if this is the right place to ask this but on the last level, The Maw, was there a trick when jumping the gap in the hog and landing without damaging your shields and health or dying all together? I don't know how many times i ran that level but i never found a solid method to pass this, it seemed more trial and error.

10-23-2011, 11:54 PM
Jumping the gap? I'm assuming you're talking about the final stretch of the last mission with the Warthog, but there were a lot of gaps. I'm not really sure which one you're referring to.

10-24-2011, 12:08 AM
^^ Sorry should have specified, yeah the main gap that drops you down a few levels into a small dip/section on its own, then directly after this you make another jump back into the enclosed part of the ship

10-24-2011, 12:20 AM
Ah yes. I know where you're talking about. No there isn't any sort of trick or glitch there, but if you go off the ramp slightly to the right and land on the raised part above the ramp, there will be a small structure in the middle on the right side you can enter. If you go inside and turn on your flashlight you'll see the word "Rex" written on the wall in blood. Rex was the nickname of one of the artists that worked on the game at the time.

If you're talking about actually making the jump without flipping the warthog, than it's really just a matter of how you go off the initial jump. I usually go off at a slight angle and do a 360 degree turn in midair and usually hit it perfectly, but I always lose my speed because of it.

10-24-2011, 12:31 AM
Thanks, i was kind of hoping there was a trick because like i said every so often i would be killed on the landing and the weird thing was, the few times i died while playing split screen my friend would survive????

Can't believe you could pull off a 360, i had enough trouble controlling the warthog when it was on solid ground on that level especially trying to dodge all the sentinals beams on legendary.

10-24-2011, 12:36 AM
Just depends on the speed and angle you take the ramp at. It's tricky to pull off, but once you get it down the turning helps keep the warthog balanced. It may just be my imagination on this one, but I also feel that letting go of the gas when you hit this jump like normal will decrease the tilt forward that I would imagine is your main problem (The nose likes to dip to far downward.)

10-24-2011, 01:36 AM
I think holding the accelerator was my problem (8 years since i played the game)

I'm now determined to complete a 360 jump, it looks so easy, but will probably take me forever to perfect.

Halo - The Maw Jump 360 - YouTube

10-24-2011, 01:42 AM
haha! Yes! That is how it's done! The perfect landing. Even I have trouble pulling it off that well usually. He touched down like a feather. Absolutely beautiful.

10-28-2011, 05:37 PM
I think holding the accelerator was my problem (8 years since i played the game)

I'm now determined to complete a 360 jump, it looks so easy, but will probably take me forever to perfect.

Halo - The Maw Jump 360 - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1e8xtQdmJo)

Maybe this trick will be easier on XBox 360 :D

10-28-2011, 06:05 PM
Great stuff on here. :D

10-29-2011, 04:16 AM
Added two videos in the helpful tricks section:

How to skip half of Silent Cartographer.
How to do a run of the level Halo with no Warthog (for that awesome achievement).

11-15-2011, 05:59 PM
Bumping this so people will see it since the game is out now and has some helpful stuff so far.

A Pharmacist
11-17-2011, 12:42 AM
Nice start! May I suggest highimpacthalo.org for all your H1 needs? They no longer update, but their archive is fantastic :)

11-17-2011, 07:55 PM
here's an old classic.

Carry three weapons on Pillar of Autumn.

When Keyes gives you his pistol. run out of the bridge as fast as you possible can. if you make it out before the chekpoint pops, you don't get the gun, and the grunts in the hallway don't appear. so you're free to pick up the assault rifle and use it to kill one of the covenants in the messhall... pick up one of their plasma weapons and then go back to keyes. wait for the checkpoint and run out. now you'll get the gun as well and the grunts will appear in the hallway.

voilá, three weapons.

PS: you get one checkpoint when the cutscene starts and one as you leave the bridge, its the second one you have to beat.