View Full Version : Forza questions transfer?!

10-17-2011, 10:18 AM

I have forza 3 but did not own the VIP pack, so did not get unicorn achievement when transferring across, and TBH im not going to spend (nor make) £275,000,000+ for a 5 g achievement, I will happily but the VIP pack in Forza 3 and import across using the USB method mentioned however, my questions are this…

1) I have a bad experience with transferring data to a usb stick, I am putting it down to user error, can someone please right a detailed guide on how to transfer the data on and off the USB stick (I have a 250GB new build 360 internal hardrive)
2) Once I have the unicorn achievement with the usb stick method, If I was to put the unicorn on the marketplace for £xxx and then put my save back on the HDD, will my market place unicorn still be there? As technically I have put it on the internet and out of my garage?

Please provide your comments guys J