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10-17-2011, 04:01 PM
just wondering if anyone has a video guide or knows where i can find one for these challenges as i have tried them a million times and cant get close to the par times and there the only ones i need to do for the kitchen sink items/achievement
thanks in advance

10-20-2011, 10:41 AM
I already posted this elsewhere:

Tips for Deathmatch #7:

- In the cave at the back of the map (shown in the intro) is a crate that contains a Concrete Donkey - one of the most powerful weapons in WUM.
- Make sure to kill the 2 worms on the large rocks in your first few turns with the baseball bat. (Use Jetpacks to reach them)
- Place a dynamite next to the Worm sitting on the left wall so that he falls into the water.
- Kill the remaining Worms with Bazookas and Shotgun.
- Collect crates (they often contain powerful weapons such as Holy Handgrenades, Sheeps, etc.)

Tips for Deathmatch #9:
- First turn: Kill the Worm next to the campfire by firepunching him into the mine + barrel. This will also cause another enemy Worm to get poisoned.
- Second turn: Jetpack to the roof (on the right) and baseballbat the Worm on top into the water (this is a bit tricky you need the right position)
- Next few turns: Poison enemy Worms with poison arrows. Shoot a bazooka at the enemy Worm sitting on top of the left building.
- Once their health dropps make use of the Mad Cows and try to kill 3 Worms with them.
- Kill the remaining Worms with Shotgun.

Good Luck!

Afaik there are currently no video guides available.