View Full Version : Play a "New Game" the first time, and don't skip additional quests!

10-20-2011, 01:23 AM
Since there are reports of achievements being missed from "continuing" a saved game you played in the "trial version," it is recommended you play a NEW GAME when you purchase Torchlight!

Also... make certain you talk to EVERYONE in town, that has an exclamation mark ("!") above his (or her) head. You will be given quests that mostly are "on the way" you are going, anyway. If you don't, you'll be passing on an opportunity to earn gold AND fame - the latter of which takes a while to build-up!

There is one guy, who opens a portal when you accept a quest from him. I save those quests for when I return to town to transmute ember, drop stuff off in those chests, and upgrade my gear... since I'll go right past him to do business in town!

I actually didn't start accepting quests from Vasman (that wizard-looking guy) until after completing several levels (a mistake). Even though he gives you a map scroll (I don't know what the hell for - they never led me to a level with the Ember he was looking for), you will actually come across what he's looking for, if you accept his quests before you first enter the mines! I had to replay the levels to get "caught-up" finding the items he wanted that are on the levels I'm exploring for the first time. I guess because of that... is the reason my fame level is close to the mine levels I'm exploring (24 fame to 28 mine-level).

I hope this is helpful to those playing the game for the first time (besides the achievement guide, of course)! :)