View Full Version : What i would like to see

10-20-2011, 09:44 PM
i liked season one but its proablem was they were all mini-games. i want full seasons/tourneys. ie boxing was only 3 rounds.

after playing the demo. i was disappointed there was no football. i fear it will play like soccer did.

had voice issues & my tennis racket was slanted. so not impressed.

what i want is full seasons & tourneys. let me play 3,5,10,15 rounds of boxing in career mode.

let me play full season of football. also wheres hockey? canadas #1 sport! i want to play full season & cup finals!

after a year, rare could do better than this! let US deside how long we want to play for, not rare!

after great games like rise of nightmares. i expect ALOT more from companies. especially the company thzt made the thing to begin with!

i hope the other games coming out. like big league sports. will have these options.