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10-23-2011, 07:41 PM
ok i bought this on day one & am at, what i think, to be the final boss. heres my thoughts of this game.

the story is surprising deep considering the short mini games out for this.

i felt compelked to keep playing to find out what happens next.

the graphics are also decent. reminds me of the resident evil looking games. ps2,gamecube,N64 style.

plenty of weapons,levels,traps & such. really does a great job of pulling you into the game!

controls are done fantastic! finally a company who put alot of thought into it.

something people said couldnt be done, sega proved them wrong!

you move via 1 foot forward,backward,dodge,jump,run. just like in real life.

attacking via weapons,kicking,punching & so forth.

the ratio is true 1:1 and i had very little light for mood setting.

different creatures,diverse levels & cool interactions.

for example, you put your hand up to intiate the interface.

then you have to do the actual action! things like opening doors. turning wheels & crank shafts. using real life physics. ie turning & opening doors in right direction.

oh forgot to mention. you turn around the enviroment via twisting your upper body. then step forward,back extra.

it is open world play with lots of areas to explore. ie finding tarot cards & audio recordings.

anouther cool feature is having s creature jump out at you.

when this happens you have to throw them off of you.

overall best use of kinect. in fact you wouldnt notice you're playing kinect till your feet get sore,lmao.

i liked it so much, i truely hope they make a part 2.

sounds,playability,graphics & story do a great job of pulling you in and believeing this is really happing.

this should be up for GOTY but we all know skyrim will take that.

i hope more companies and players/reviewers take note. this IS how you do a kinect game!

great job sega, 10/10.

oh & have fun with the final boss! damn do i feel like a ninja after that!

comments are always welcome.

if you dont mind horror movies like hostel. then this is a must buy! also a reason to get a kinect, awesome stuff! :)

I mak3 big boom
12-18-2011, 08:13 AM
great review but stop doublespacing everything
I just got a kinect recently so i think i will get this game thanks to your review:)

12-19-2011, 09:58 PM
i use the wii, glad to help :)