View Full Version : Last secret achievement???

xX|Triple K|Xx B100dh0uNd
07-30-2007, 09:58 AM
Does anyone actually go on the champ man 2007 forums anymore besides me? Oh well.

I'm a completionist and i would really like to know what the last secret achievement is. I'm getting the game today and i want to get the 3 0-point ones out of the way first.

08-04-2007, 11:32 AM
Not sure. Death Adder might know thou.

Also, if you want to get the online achievements out the way then add me Moody41 since I need them as well and I haven't being able to find a online game at all.

08-04-2007, 11:35 AM
Last secret achievement is this

Losing streak
What's gone wrong? You've lost your last 10 games

xX|Triple K|Xx B100dh0uNd
08-04-2007, 09:27 PM
kk thanx - i'll add you if you want to get the battle mode achievements. Im not sure how it works tho - would it be easy to get in the same game and are the games quick?