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11-12-2011, 03:32 PM
Hey guys!

First of, iīm from Sweden so the grammar will probably not be the best.

Iīm choosing to call this a preview cause i haven't spend to much time playing it. around 2 hours, and to a achievement that gonna make you go for 200 k thatīs nothing. Just some quick thought. I start with the word awesome!

I played the first your shape game a lot and loved it but the motivation disappeared shortly after hitting the 10 k mark (all achievements). Kinect is the ONLY cardio training i have been using when working out. I have been hitting the gym for a couple of years and iīm in pretty good shape. Of course i have been combining the kinect with lifting weight and eating healthy. Two things i have been doing for 3-4 years so the kinect is really just an extra push to burn more fat and get those damn abs^^.

Enough talking about me, Your shape fitness evolved 2012 is a great game. The first game was awesome but this is just brilliant. Itīs better in every way so if you liked the first you will love this. Thereīs so much more to do and i only tried out a few. Jump rope will kill your legs, try doing easy-insane in one go. Good luck walking the next day. I tried the "boot camp" and thereīs no pauses to "catch your breath" in there so itīs pure training which is perfect for those who donīt wanna lose muscle and get some toned muscles with a short intense workout.

You can choose to do a "full body workout" but you also have the choice to just choice one part of your body. And this may be sad news for the achievement whores out there but you canīt fake your weight and burn more calories;).

I will update with a review when iīm maybe 10-20 hours in.

Evo Kazz
11-14-2011, 02:42 PM
Have to agree, the first game got great feedback but this is amazing.