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11-17-2011, 01:05 AM
I know not many people have this game yet but if you do is the game easy to 1k? What achievements look hard? How long do you think 1000G will take?

12-09-2011, 06:08 AM
I imported the game for my daughter for xmas and tried it out to make sure its region free (even though the website said it was).

On the first song I did Acting, Music and Singing. Acting was very easy, music is a little tougher but is probably not radically different to dancing in Dance Central.

Music is (at least on the first song) basically you strumming a guitar in various poses and the score for each pose builds up over 3 or 4 seconds or so and if you get the whole 4 seconds right then you get a good score for that pose. It has a circle around your feet that fills up as you get the pose right. So its vaguely similar to Dance central where the circle fills outwards over the whole pose.

I did not gold star music but was not far off and I got the impression that 1 or 2 retries at most would get me there.

Singing was easy and it seemed very lenient.

My highest score was in acting which is just fixed poses almost like simon says.

So in summary I think the game will be an easy 1000. I got the 1 million achievement on the first acting bit.

The only cheevo that may be tough is the perfect dance without the wheel but I did not do dancing so am not 100% sure about it.

12-15-2011, 01:29 AM
I know not many people have this game yet but if you do is the game easy to 1k? What achievements look hard? How long do you think 1000G will take?

I have the game sitting at home waiting to be played. I asked both gamers who completed it on trueachievements.com and both said it was very easy and I shouldn't have a problem completing it. The one person I asked about how long it took, he said about 5-6 hours for 1000GS.

02-23-2012, 07:20 PM
i have just booted this in half an hour ago, assuming that all the unlockable achievements (unlock all shoes etc) come along for gold starring everything this should be very easy, i have all gold stars so far on the ones ive done and i am rubbish on it, (mainly because i'm not a 9 year old girl so ballerina poses dont come natural)
also it looks very simple, such as the acting it seems like there are only 5-6 poses to learn, it just keeps asking for the same stuff over and over again.

06-20-2012, 02:20 PM
Just wanted to chime in on this one in case anyone is curious how long it actually takes to get the 1k:

I finished at 5 hours, pretty much on the dot. That's with liberal breaks, but it also shouldn't have taken that long. Somehow, I managed to miss one of the music videos on the 3rd or 4th song, so my "complete all music videos" achievement didn't pop at the end. Of course it doesn't tell you which music videos you have completed yet, so I had to play through them until it unlocked. And naturally it was the last one that I tried.

Realistically, if you were to play straight through, this should take no more than 4 hours, 4 and a half tops. 5 if you really struggle with one of the performances, but there are only a couple you can really have trouble with.

06-21-2012, 09:46 PM
Sounds good!! I think I will get the game now.:woop: