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08-03-2007, 06:34 AM
ok so maybe this isn't THAT needed, BUT i'm slowly working my way thru the game (each lvl doing it 3x so i get all diff's done and all mish's without having to replay the whole game over). and i figured if there was someone looking for some 'quick ways' to Ninja 5 a mish, well i'd start here. be advised i will post more 'walkthrus' as i do them. **Note: these will now include Tomikichi locations, as per request.**

Also, unless otherwise noted, all SK's should be Total SK's.

Level 1 - Path of the Ninja
The boss's hut is the most north eastern hut, go there. There's 3 guards that patrol around it, SK them and SK the boss and you've got Ninja 5. 1 guard patrols only the west and north side, he's always there. The next one is on the outside and just south of the walkway from the big building to the boss's hut, he pause and look east giving you the opening. The last one is one that patrols the inside of the big building and walks right up to the boss's hut's door. But while he stands at the door, he faces away from it and give you enough room to sneak up from the sides and SK him. Now just wait and SK the boss through the door and you're done.
**Tomikichi location: Far left side of map, on the outside of the wall. Just walk/roll/run along wall to get him without being spotted.**

Level 2 - Before the Wind Blows
From where you start, run forward till see the samurai, SK him. Keep running that way and at the end turn left. Here jump up onto the wall leading towards the boss building (go west i think), when you come to the guard on the outside part of the wall near the corner, SK him**. Then wait and SK the guard that on the inside of the wall. Now follow that outside part around the corner till you see a little bridge-like walkway. There is a guard across the way, and he may be standing there talking to another guard, if he is wait till their done and he turns around, now jump on the walkway, crouch, and walk over to the door for the boss. Don't worry about standing here, I was never seen while I waited. He'll eventually walk around the room to where you are and you can SK him thru the door.
**Tomikichi location: go around that corner and stay on the outside of the wall, once you turn the corner, you'll see him standing there, if you approach from the roof behind him, you'll be fine.**

Level 3 - Recover the Bombs
This is a toughie, they change the placement of the boxes everytime you load up the level. So there's really no telling where they'll end up. The key here is to be patient. Going undetected, uninjured and no items used gives you 350pts already, which means you need to Total SK 5 times to get 950 and Ninja 5. You should take out the first 3 guards anyways, just try to Total SK them, once you do them, you only NEED 2 more Total SK's but that can be easier said then done, depending on the placement of the boxes. Keep in mind that if you DO get spotted that -80 (for each time) and -150 from your bonus so if you happen to get spotted near your 9th box, just MAKE SURE to not get spotted again, and off a few extra guards, Total SK plz, and just slow down and take your time, no use starting this whole mission over.
**Tomikichi location: JUST after that little bridge, turn left, you'll be looking at him. If you approach from the wall he walks along, you'll be fine, just watch out for the other guard that patrols near the end of his path, he WILL spot you on the roof.**

Level 4 - Gather Information
Run forward toward the small road/ramp in front of you, go up the ramp, but not all the way, and stay crouched. There's a guard that will walk past you, go SK him. Now roll down to the floor below and run along side the wall until it ends and you're next to a house to your right and a raised wall/walkway to your left, there will be an archer up there. Run to that, make sure your blade is drawn, and jump and hang on the edge that faces him. Give him a few seconds and he'll walk towards you, he'll stop, look around a bit and then turn around and look around some more. SK him now. Stay crouched and roll to your left, then keep rolling down the walkway toward the Tomikichi**. He won't look up the walkway, so stay near the wall and SK him. Now you can run to the left most building, and get on top of it. There is a guard that enters that building but if you don't mess up the timing the next 2 SK's will be done before he can see you. Crouch on the north eastern corner and wait for the guard down there to look away from you (he won't see you up there anyways, and he also doesn't walk). Roll down and SK him. Now go to the barrel in front of you and wait for the bow guard to walk back, his patterns very basic so just follow him once he walks back inside (if he's walking outside the little fence area when you standing behind the barrel he will not see you). Once you've SK'd him, run north, jump the fence and turn right, there's contact and you're done.
**Tomikichi location: down the walkway that is right, of the leftside water plant things (according to your map).**

Level 5 - Cross the Bridge
Once again, use the left side of the map. When you start out, drop down from the building and through those big doors, to the left, is a guard. Now head north and go behind the building to the west, grapple hook up the the building north of you. Once you're on the edge of this tall one, you'll see 2 guards below talking, you thinking consecutive SK's? Yea, me too. But in order to get it you need to aim/face the other building they're standing next to, just north east of you, long jump to it (LT+A) and walk around behind the 2nd guard. Now wait for the 1st guard to turn around, now they're done talking, roll down behind the 2nd guard, SK him, and time your next SK and get the 1st guard, don't worry if you miss it just follow him around till he stops and SK there. Now take the path, behind where those 2 guards were talking, north. You should get an orange alert, that's just the dog on the other side of the wall to your west, no worries. Now jump the wall to the north, there is a guard that patrols those stairs next to where you just jumped over, so make sure he's not there. Once he's far enough away, run, don't walk, about half way to the end where there's 2 little awnings. Stop before the 1st one and you'll see a guard, crouch and hide behind a tree till he faces south, there's another guard just around the corner, so make sure he's not standing there, once he's not roll and SK him. Now crawl under the 2nd awning and stay crouched till that guard walks near you, looks around and walks away (you're not SKing him btw). Now run down to the water, keeping to the right side some. If there's no guard here right now, good there shouldn't be, but don't get caught off guard, hide in the bushes. As he comes around you'll be fine just sit tight, he'll look around near those bushes but will turn around soon, SK him here. Now make sure the guard across the river isn't looking, then crawl, or walk depending on how far he is. Run east close to the wall, then turn south and go toward the bride, close enough to grapple hook up to it. Make sure the guard on the bride isn't coming this way, he pauses in the middle of the bridge on both rounds. Once it's clear go finish.
**Tomikichi location: On the west side of the river, north of the bridge. Wait in bushes he patrols there.**

More lvls to come, and if you know a good way to do a lvl, just add it in. Really helps those who don't have the time, or simply don't want to spend HOURS doing all the lvls over for the achiv.

Fritz White
08-04-2007, 05:57 AM
it'd be nice if you told everyone where the tomikichi are in your walkthroughs. ninja 5s on missions are usually easier than finding those guys as they're sometimes in obscure places.

08-04-2007, 07:26 AM
it'd be nice if you told everyone where the tomikichi are in your walkthroughs. ninja 5s on missions are usually easier than finding those guys as they're sometimes in obscure places.

EXACTLY what i was looking for, a little constructive feedback, I will DEFINATLY go back and add those in! thx again. "the guide, for the ppl.....BY the ppl"

08-06-2007, 01:11 PM
Apparently my first post was too long, so I will amend by replying when I've used up my character limit.

Level 6 - Punish the Greedy Merchant
Start by running left (yes again), lure the bow guard to you, but make sure you're far left (lure: allow guard to partially see you so that your alert torch turns yellow). Now just crouch, and roll around right and circle back around and SK him. Now keep to that left side till you see a small opening into the tunnels just at the top of a small ramp. Wait at the bottom of that ramp just around the left corner, there's a guard that patrols and looks around at the top of the ramp. Once he looks around roll after him, you don't have to Total SK him. Now just inside as the tunnel turns left, there's a guard that does no looking around at all. You'll see him before he sees you, when he turns around roll after him and follow, he'll soon get to the end of his route and turn back around, just make sure to stay to his left and follow right behind him, don't sweat Total SK'ing him either. Now back where he made that quick U-turn, go look up and you'll see a ledge, grapple-hook up there, jump up 2 ledges and then long jump the last ledge over the gap. Now you get to watch 2 guards below you walk their route, observe and learn. Plan on rolling down strait ahead, if you roll off to the left there's a breakable crate that will alert the nearest guard. Once you get their patterns down, SK the nearest guard and leave the other. Now turn left and go into the small lit passage. It will open up and there will be another guard that patrols left and right only, as you face toward him. It's an easy pattern, but you should follow him left, he'll turn into a corner and look around, SK here. Now go over to the boxes just to your right, climb up and adjust the camera so you can watch the next guard over the wall. He only turns, no walking. When he's facing away, go SK him quickly before he turns. Now walk left and along the little hut to your left till you get to the next partial walls, climb the wall and look around, you should see 4 guards (1 left, 1 forward slightly right, 1 far right, 1 just over wall to your right). Go SK the 1 to your left, then when the next 2 are not looking go to the front of the boss's hut, if you crouch in front of the door no one will see you, trust me. **(If you need to, go kill the Tomikichi now and come back)** Now as you crouch there, click RS (right stick) to peek into the room, the boss has a simple pattern, and it's not like the others who walk around the room. You will need to enter the room, but wait till he gets up and walks to the corner to your left, when he does that sheath your sword, open the door, sneak up and do a choke SK. Mission done.
**Tomikichi location: When facing the boss's hut, it's to the right, past some partial walls, he's behind them.

08-06-2007, 11:52 PM
I find the easiest way to get Ninja 5 on every mission is to do jump stealth kills, go up a building or wall depending on the distance just jump on them press X when the cicrle appears, If you get detected just run away wait for it to go away, and stealth kill, if all u do is stealth kills on each level you will get Ninja 5 on pretty much all the missions even with like 6 detects.

My 2 cents :)

08-12-2007, 08:08 AM
if all u do is stealth kills on each level you will get Ninja 5 on pretty much all the missions even with like 6 detects.

My 2 cents :)

very true, i'm just making a guide on how to do each lvl as fast as possible while getting a Ninja 5 rating. but ur right, jumping SK's are great, just don't miss or you'll be taking more time to SK more ppl to make up for that detection. good nice 2 cents neways man :woop:

Fritz White
08-12-2007, 10:41 PM
It's nice of you to do what you're doing man, but this game is way too easy for you to spend all this time on a detailed walk-through. I think you've probably spent more time on this guide than actually playing the game. I just want you to consider whether or not this is really worth it as you're only on level 6 and I don't think anyone needs this.

08-12-2007, 11:16 PM
I disowned the game after the first level....

I guess if it doesn't sell on ebay, a guide would be nice for me to rush through the game, as I'm not great on these types.

Hope I'm not the only one! :p

08-17-2007, 10:33 AM
It's nice of you to do what you're doing man, but this game is way too easy for you to spend all this time on a detailed walk-through. I think you've probably spent more time on this guide than actually playing the game. I just want you to consider whether or not this is really worth it as you're only on level 6 and I don't think anyone needs this.

I sadly admit you're right. I was just realizing that my time is very limited and that the time consumed by beating every level 3 times in a row (for the achiev) and the writing about it took WAY too long. Plus you're right, i don't this type of guide, if any type of guide, is really need in Tenchu, good game but not SO hard u need a detailed guide. i will officially not be updating this anymore, no need to waste more of my time, that i do not have, on doing this not-so-needed guide. hope the first few lvls helps somebody tho. laterz!

Fritz White
08-18-2007, 12:44 AM
The guide was a nice gesture and it looks like you did a decent job on the levels you covered. Try doing a guide for a harder game. I'm sure people that use it will appreciate the help.

01-28-2008, 11:11 PM
here is an excellent guide for trying to ninja 5 or simply play through the levels as quick as you can.