View Full Version : No skull or co-op assisted achievements

11-20-2011, 04:24 PM
Just wrapped up the campaign; it was a blast. What made it even more fun, and a tad frustrating here and there, was doing all the tougher achievements like the library ones and two betrayals ones without using any skulls or dummy controllers/co-op buddies to make it easier. Challenge = replay value in my book. So if you're bored with the game trust me try doing them this way even if you've unlocked them.

I tried to do "leave it where it lay" and "look out for the little guys" at the same time... but that was just a tad too much lol. Maybe later...

Now that I'm done with that, I'm down for co-op with anyone that would like assistance getting achievements or just to go skull-hunting. I saw a couple on my way through the game and didn't pick them up, but I wanna go hunting without the guide at least for a few weeks or so to see if I can find the rest. Send me a shout if anyone is interested in joining me or wants a co-op partner.