View Full Version : "FIGHT!" glitch - Happen to anyone else?

Agent CH
11-25-2011, 12:55 AM
After unlocking all the characters, I was trying them out in Training to see what their PTE attacks looked like. However, when I played as Him or the Scotsman, the roll call and countdown at the start of the match would mess up. The announcer would say "Him/Scotsman", then the camera would pan over to the other guy, no name given, then "Vs", "Fight!". Something like that. Also, the word "FIGHT!" would remain on the screen, even when paused. When I tried to exit, the game became stuck at the loading screen, and I had to exit to the dashboard.

This doesn't happen if Him or the Scotsman is player 2, or when playing as Hoss (like Him and Scotsman, his name isn't announced by George Lowe).

I haven't tried this in an actual match yet. I'm hoping this doesn't interfere with me trying to get the Him-related achievements.

Is this happening to anyone else?