View Full Version : Wales Rally GB stages badly let down

11-25-2011, 06:22 PM
I'm a big WRC fan and spent 4 days watching the WRC cars in wales. I've since got the game and it no way represents the actual Wales Rally GB stages this year.
For example, the Great Orme 1 & 2 stages are 100% Tarmac, but in the game it's 100% gravel.

It seems to be the same stages from WRC 1 just renamed.

Also there 20+ special stages on the actual rally so why have 6 and repeat 3 of them like 'Great Orme 1 & 2'. They could have been called 6 different names from this years rally.

I know it's not a 'sim' like forza 4 but at least get the basics right. This is more of an 'arcade' game with WRC stuck on afterwards to help boost sales.

It's just doesn't represent WRC or Wales Rally GB at all.

11-25-2011, 08:38 PM
Why are you wondering about that? Present game developers want to make big money for a little work. OK , they bought license of cars and tracks but they want to quickly make a game for quick distribution. Thats a bussines. I know the tracks and other things from this game are recycle from previous game and there is only few new stuff and if you want something new you must buy DLCs. Like I said its a bussines and new strategy of game developers to make more money. I hate it too ,but what you can do. The game has some problems, but its not bad and can be played. I hope the next game will be different from different game developer.