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12-02-2011, 09:51 PM
I created just simple achievement guide which is still in ,,work in progress,,.
I hope it will helps.
I dont have all achievs yet, but I want add some achievs later .If you have some better tips or achievs what I dont have just write it under my thread.
Your opinions, achiev tips, complaints are welcome.
Sorry for my english language, I will correct my mistakes later. I am not from UK or US.

a. Learn how to drive in the WRC Rally School for the practice and for the best results.
b. If you want the fastest and the easiest way to get achievs, set in the options the AI difficulty to medium or easy.
c. Before race try to choose the best car setting presets (mostly you will get it automatically) or try to find out which is best for you for surface in which you will be racing and set it manualy.
(SSS stages - Handling about two points to right, Gearbox - to right to the max)
d. Some achievs require only the WRC cars. Take a practice with them.

Cant touch me - Complete a valid Special Stage without any damages. No Respawns or Rewind effects are allowed. – Choose Single player and Single stage. Race slowly ,carefully , don’t hit anything, take no jumps , no drifts . You don’t have to win. Spanish shortest track is good choice, but all tarmac tracks are good options too.

I Never Give Up! - In an offline Special Stage with P.Solberg, gain at least 5 positions from one sector to the next. - Choose Single player and Single stage, WRC cars and P.Solberg car. You must overtake 5 cars (positions) from one sector to another. I chose the Finlands fastest track. AI difficulty at the medium. When the race started, I waited 15 second and then I hited the gas. After second sector I got the achiev. Take some time and a practice with that.

Hairpin Addicted - Sa Linea 1 - Drive the first sector in less than 45 secs performing at least 6 secs of drift. Italy , the first stage with tarmac hairpin turns at the start. Take some practice with the drifts at this stage and you will get the achiev. You can do this in any mode. Good chance is in the WRC rally school.

Ghost Hunters - In Time Attack mode, complete a race against one of the ghosts you have downloaded. - Go to Single stage ,Time attack , choose stage and find leaderboard. Choose the slowlest ghost at the end of the leaderboard or ghost you can beat.

Great Scott! - Complete an upgrade research in "The Road to the WRC". - In mode "The Road to the WRC" in first season you will get a chance to upgrade a car. Go to garage , you have to hire some mechanics and then choose car, choose which part/s you have to upgrade. Next ,do or skip some event/s in the calendar and car part/s will be upgraded.

Teamwork - In "The Road to the WRC", increase the team level of development up to 23. - In mode "The Road to the WRC" you will get new bunch of mechanics at the 4th season which can maximized your development to level 23 ... at the garage.

Employee of the Month - In "The Road to the WRC", increase the staff level of efficiency up to 25. - - In mode "The Road to the WRC" you will get new bunch of managers at the 4th season ,which can maximized your efficiency to level 25... at the office.

Show off the style! - In The Road to the WRC, unlock the sponsor Rally Style. - It comes naturaly when you play The Road to the WRC about the third season/rallye program.

No Mercy! - In "The Road to the WRC", fire 10 co-workers in your Office or Garage. - In "The Road to the WRC" in first season you will get opportunity to hire some mechanics and managers . Just hire and then fire (or change for better) your 10 workers in your Office or Garage .

Buddying Mechanic - Spend a total of 10 minutes in the Car Setting section of the menu - in any mode before race choose car settings and manual edit. Choose and hold there for example handling setting and just wait 10 min without leaving.

Beat the Man to be the man! - Beat Sébastien Loeb in a Single Player - Single Stage match – Self explanatory. In settings set the AI to easiest and choose Single Player - Single Stage, WRC cars (except Sébastien Loeb car), choose stage, start the race and try to win.

Your speed is melting the snow! - Complete a Single Player - Single Rally match in Sweden in first position using Kimi Räikkönen. - Self explanatory. Single Player - Single rally, WRC cars, Kimi Räikkönen car ,Swedens rally and set to 3 stages. Race to win.

Historic Victory - Complete a Single Player - Single Rally match in first position with a WRC Group B car. - Self explanatory. AI to minimum. Choose Single player , Single rally and WRC group B cars , Spain or Finland rally (set to 3 stages)and race to win.

Sinister Appearance - Upload one of your ghosts on the online Leaderboards. - Single player, Time attack , choose stage and race. Do your best and when the race is over you will get a opportunity to upload a ghost at the results.

Let it be a lesson to you! - Successfully complete one of the lessons of the WRC Rally School.- self explanatory. In main menu choose WRC rally school and race. First lesson is easiest.

Super Special Duellist - Win 10 Super Special Stages in Online matches. - Self explanatory, Choose Online race, create or choose Super special stages (SSS) and race to win. Try it in private matches. There is nothing like easiest way, but if you want to win easily there are some hints ...learn and remember all curves/hairpins in all stages ,there are not too many of them...set manualy in car settings better handling (2 and more levels from standard) and gearbox to the max (fastest gear changing).

Yes, you can! - In an Online lobby, vote for the Special Stage that wins the voting. - Self explanatory. Choose Online race then create or choose matches ,but it must be set to Voting option. Before race will be voting and try to choose stage or rally, which will be chosen. Try it in private matches.

Event Planner - Create a Lobby in the "Create Match" page and start the race. - Self explanatory. Choose Online race, create match, choose settings and wait if someone gets connected. Its enough if at least two persons will be involved (you are included).

Rolling Rolling...Rawhide - Roll over the car. – It can done in any mode. Fastest way in rally school, choose lesson and try to make turn/drift before jump or make a crash. Greece stages have a good opportunities.

El Mariachi - Put down a cactus in Mexico. – Single player ,Single stage , Mexico rallye , choose stage and at the race try to hit cactuses. There is a lot of them.

Take it! - Enter the Photo Mode, take a photo and save it. – In any mode any time when you are racing, pause the game, in pause menu choose photo mode, take a snapshot and save it.

Drive fast or drive home - Reach 225 Km/h (139 mph) on a Special Stage. – Single player, single stage, WRC group B cars and choose Lancia Delta ( fastest car in game ). The fastest straight stages are in Finlands ,Spanish or Jordans rallye.

The best thing a man can do... - ...is drive sideways. At least it's the best thing he can do dressed! Slide for 35 metres(115 feet) - mostly first achiev you can get in rally school or single stages. Do your best. Best opportunities are in Finlands, Italians or in Spanish rallye.

Gravity is for Losers - Perform a jump of at least 2.5 metres (8.2 feet) in height. - Single player, Single stage ,choose fast (WRC or WRC group B) car. Finlands SS1 stage has one huge jump (or try Italian or Greece stages).

Know your limits...to pass them! - Win a Single Player - Single Stage match in using the Advanced Driving Style only. – In option, game setting and set to advanced. Its very hard, cause all assistance are off and damage is heavy, but you have a one rewind which can be used . AI difficulty is little under maximum and you will have only the manual transmission. Try it in Single player, Single stage, WRC cars is good option, choose Finland or Spain tracks and do your best. Extremely easy is in Swedish super special stage (SSS).

12-02-2011, 09:52 PM
New Borns - Reach 30 used manual respawns in the offline statistic page. – In offline modes and during the race, go slowly or make a crash in track (stop the car), hold the RB button and you will be respawned. Do it 30 times and achiev is yours. You can check this count of respawns in the statistics in My WRC.

Eternal Return - Use the Rewind Effect in any game mode - In any mode and during the race hit the Y button. Achiev will be yours.

Homo Faber Fortunae Suae - Complete a Special Stage in first position using a Car Settings preset you've created . – Single player, single stage , in options AI at easy, Spanish shortest track is best for it. Before th race choose car settings (manual edit) , and set for example handling manualy . It saves automatically . Start the race and try to win.

Ace of the Race - Successfully complete all the challenges in the WRC Rally School. - Self explanatory. In main menu choose WRC Rally School take some practice and try to complete all lessons successfully. It is not really hard.

Knockout! - In "The Road to WRC" complete one of the Super Special Stage tournaments in first position. - In "The Road to WRC" in third season/program you will get in the calendar a tournament match. Do your best and try to win.

World Tour - Complete a valid rally in Argentina, Australia, Jordan, Mexico & Greece in the same Championship. – Single player, Championship (Official for sure) ,choose WRC car and race to win. It can be done In The Road to WRC mode (7th program).

European Tour - Complete a valid rally in Great Britain, Italy, France, Spain & Portugal in the same Championship. - Single player, Championship (Official for sure),choose WRC car and race to win. It can be done In The Road to WRC mode (7th program).

The Perfect Storm - Storm all the challenges in the WRC Rally School. - Self explanatory. In main menu choose WRC Rally School take some practice cause you have to beat all ghosts and complete all lessons successfully. It is not really hard.

Tireless Boxer - Reach level 50 in the Hall of Fame Online Ranking. Self explanatory.

Eat dust, bleed gasoline - Reach level 50 in the Hall of Fame Online Ranking. Self explanatory.

Horsepower Overload! - In "The Road to the WRC" get all the upgrades on one of your cars. - same like the Great Scott! achiev. Some upgrades takes much time (events to do) like others. Check the time when you are in garage.

The Advent of the New King - In "The Road to the WRC" complete the WRC Championship in first position. - self explanatory. 7th rallye program is whole about WRC events. Do your best.

Grand Slam - Complete all the events of "The Road to the WRC" in first position. - self explanatory. If you lose some event/s in calendar, at the end of season you can choose the same rallye program and repeat the losts event/s

Safari Legends - In The Road to the WRC, win the Legends Of Rally Championship - in the 9th rallye program.

Historic Italian Job - In The Road to the WRC, win the Historic Italian Job - in the 7th rallye program.

Power is with you. Always. - Complete a Power Stage in an offline Championship in first position.
AI set to easy .Power stage is 6th rallye stage. Choose in main menu Single player, Championship, official calendar set to the maximum stages and in the Swedish 6th stage be on the first place and you will get the achiev.

Heads-Up Specialist - Reach level 30 in the Super Special Stage Online Ranking. see ,,Super Special Duellist ,, achiev

Player of Age - Reach level 18 in the Hall of Fame Online Ranking. self explanatory.

No friends in race! (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/wrc-2/achievement/57856-No-friends-in-race-.html) - Complete a Hot Seat - Single Rally match in first position against three other players. - This achiev can be done with one controller, you dont need other player/s. AI to easy. In menu choose Hot seat rallye, Single rallye ,set players to 4, choose WRC cars (for sure) ,choose rallye (set to 3 stages) and race. You will be player one and of course that means you must be victorious. It doesnt count if you retire the other players.

Racing Time (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/wrc-2/achievement/57862-Racing-Time.html) - Reach 30 cumulative minutes of race in valid Online Matches - self explanatory. In online matches, create or choose some matches and race. You will get it naturally after few races.

12-02-2011, 10:14 PM
1. Building Up the House Enter the second season of "The Road to the WRC". Self explanatory.

2. Pimp my Car! Change the livery and the three colours of one of your cars in "The Road to the WRC". Self explanatory. You have to win liveries in the events. Some of them you will get automatically in your garage, but some liveries (which you won) you have to buy. To change liveries , go to Garage, edit car. Most of the liveries have three colors, you will find out when you can choose 3 colors. The first 3 colored liveries you should win at the end of the first season/rallye program.

3. Four Seasons Enter the fourth season of "The Road to the WRC". Self explanatory.

4. Time to sign autographs In "The Road to the WRC" achieve Reputation Level 70. Self explanatory

5. Official Driver In "The Road to the WRC" complete the first rally of the WRC Championship.
Self explanatory. You will get the achiev ,if you will retire the whole rallye/championship.

12-03-2011, 06:12 PM
Thanks for the great guide.

12-04-2011, 09:15 PM
Good guide, not many players of this underrated game - so thanks for putting in the effort with this guide.

12-13-2011, 12:35 PM
That's really useful. Since career mode is quite long, it's good to know roughly what season I can expect to unlock some of the achievements in. Nice one.

12-15-2011, 10:24 PM
I corrected some of my mistakes and I added some new achievs and hints.
Next time I will try to create and add some stategy guide for ,,The Road to the WRC ,, mode.
I hope it will helps you. :woop:

BG Nelly75
12-18-2011, 12:17 AM
This is a great help :)

12-29-2011, 05:12 AM
Are you able to complete the "Road to WRC" with shortened rallies and still get "Grand Slam" achievement?

Have completed it before, career to 100% and all golds, but did not give me "Grand Slam" achievement. I am now going through it a second time hoping achievement pops this time.

I am wondering if it may because I shortened rallies. I may have also lost events in very first year before starting in "Road to WRC" and could not go back to them.

12-29-2011, 11:53 PM
Looks like i'm heading for the same problem as i quit some rallies early when i had enough points to win the event.

However i've found a way to pin point which rallies you need to win which may help.

If you go into offline stats and hall of fame this will tell you how many rallies you need to win. eg raced 215 won 205, so missing 10.

Go back into offline stats and click the other 'icon' stage times. At the bottom a slider will display how many times you have won each rally and if you select each stage it will tell you how many times you have raced & won this stage.
This gives you the info of the rally / stages you didn't win and need to re-do.

You can check this in the road to wrc by pressing 'LB' over a rally you need to re-do to see if it has the stages you didn't win.

I'm not 100% sure this is going to work as i came 3rd in rally GB (the last 1 of 13). The only way to do this is to replay throu the other 12 rallies 1st. Which i'm not prepared to do as i missed other rallies in previous seasons as well, so i'm going to quit the other 12 rallies (as you can't skip them) and this may also count as not winning each event.

Hope this helps.

12-31-2011, 01:45 PM
Very usefull, Thanks. It helped me with some problems I had.
However... the New Born ach is another problem. Since i've been trying to respawn nothing happens. no matter how many times i hit the RB.... It just doesn't seem to work...
Some help with this would be great ;-)

01-02-2012, 08:42 PM
New born achiev... If you have to be properly respawned in the race , go very slow or stop the car and then hold the RB button. If you did many respawns and nothing happens... First , check in My WRC the statistic, the count of your respawns. Then, try this ...Single player > Single stage > choose only the WRC cars > choose track. Race , do many respawns and finish race normally(no retire, no early exit). Be sure, after finish, the game saves itself. Check once again in My WRC (in the statistics) if count of your respawns goes up. If yes, do the same again. If not ,choose single rally or championship with WRC cars and be sure the game saves itself after race. The respawns (for achiev New born) don't count if you play online races.

01-04-2012, 09:44 AM
New Born ach...
OK got it ;-) stupid mistake made by me, I thought if I just hit the RB it will respawn... Didn't know I had to hold it until the screen flashes :D

01-04-2012, 12:53 PM
Seems that just completing all challenges isn't enough for The Perfect Storm. My guess would be that you need to beat the ghost on all challenges. I haven't done this, although I did complete all the challenges and have Ace of the Race

01-04-2012, 02:05 PM
Had the same thought. You need to beat the ghost and you'll recieve a crown on that 'lesson'. Noticed it earlier today and I'm on pursuit for my last crown ;-)

guide needs to be updated ;-)

01-08-2012, 10:34 AM
previous reply had some flaws;-)
The perfect storm ach is rewarded not after getting the 18 crowns as i said before, but when you 'mastered' all the lessons. I noticed this when i saw i had all the crowns, but didn't master 2 lessons, so after mastering them i was rewarded the ach.

Hope this clears a lot ;-)

01-11-2012, 10:11 AM
I did another corrections of my mistakes and I add some new info to the achievs.
I finished the Road to WRC only with shortened rallies (Championships too) and I got all carrier achievs on the first try, mostly. I raced and I won all the events (1st places) without exceptions. (no retiring, no 2nd places and less in the events)
I hope it will help you. :woop:

01-30-2012, 01:58 PM
thanks for the guide simple but effective and there is always you tube lol

02-20-2012, 01:49 PM
Is number of season durring career fixed like in last Superbike games? I made a mistake and moved to one of further rally programs but wasn't able to enter all events beacues too low rep. If thare is max number of seasons it's better for me to start whole career from beginning.

02-24-2012, 12:07 AM
No, the number of seasons is not fixed. You can repeat any of them if you didn't manage to win all events on your first try.

03-21-2012, 10:02 PM
Thanks for the guide was really helpful

07-23-2012, 11:24 PM
Can anyone confirm is it possible to skip some of the events to rip through the seasons to get some of the achieves?