View Full Version : Honest review :)

12-13-2011, 10:40 PM
so heres a game i bet most people gave up on. well heres what i think.

well this isnt as good as powerup heroes. its still a decent game.

graphics are really good. sound is ok. there really isnt s story here. you fight your way to open league. this is where the leaderboards are. no online play.

fluid animation but a 2 second delay occures at times.

the moves= some are real & some are not. special move is a shout. dodge, sweeps, blocks extra are some real moves. others like spining backfist are not. you do this in a strange way. ie not real life but a different motion.

ranges are done by punching/kicking. this moves you closer are farther away. can get in the way of doing your moves. as it'll move you even if you dont want it to.

decent fighting game that'll give you a fair workout. lack of depth though.

overall 5/10 no online play.lack of depth,no real story,long tutorial,delayed response are a few things that prevent this game from being a great one.

even proablems detecting me avoiding footsweeps. not a must have but a decent rental. powerup heroes is way better & best choice for a kinect fighting game.

hope this helps, had it since day1 :)