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08-08-2007, 11:40 PM
I played demos from a couple games and thought I would share my thoughts of the games, maybe even just to let you know that some demos are worth trying. In any case these are just my thoughts of some of the cool upcoming games that will be here soon.

Heavenly Sword(PS3 Exclusive): First off, I gotta say, this is one of the best looking games I have seen yet, and you don't even get to play a lot of it, so that is saying something. You are introduced to a cutscene which is just beautiful, and real time graphics too, which is just downright amazing, after you are presented with this, you get thrusted into the game, and how do you start? By jumping onto a giant rope running towards a platform hanging only by said ropes. Enemies see you, and what do they do? Start cutting the ropes, well you have to do set actions like pressing -> or X buttons to perform say jumping between ropes or running faster, well eventually you slam into the enemies in a very stylish manner and you smack right into a battle. This game is very frantic and just downright... freakin awesome. In the demo you have 3 different sets of weapons, you have the normal two blades that you hack and slash away with, then you press R1 and you have a giant sword that you just cut enemies to pieces with, or if you feel a little closed in, hit the L1 button and you get swords on wires to keep them all at a distance, now if you notice, you can change through these weapons without going to menus and is very fluid as to even let you do combinations with all. Now the combat system itself does have a different amount of combinations which match the flair or God of War and Devil May Cry, and I dare say, they pass them both! Nariko is just that cool... trust me. Now you also get to interact with the environment by throwing chairs at enemies, tables, etc. You use the environment as it's available. Seeing as this was only a demo, it feels like it was all only a taste of whats to come. Play your combos right you get treated to a variety off different cutscene like actions which just are well... badass haha. Very in depth combat systems, the graphics are just downright impressive, but wait, you must be asking, hows the music and sound? Well seeing as this really was only a small taste it was hard to tell, though the weapons and enemies do sound great, the sword sound clash as you see blood fly from your opponent only adds to the effect of your harsh battles. I didn't hear much in the way of music, aside from various little themes or the title menu, and the screen you see in the PS3 main menu. The good thing is all these little bits, sounded fantastic.

Overall, I think heavenly sword will be the first MUST HAVE title for the PS3, while Ninja Gaiden was great, it wasn't something that could possible sell the system. Playing this game, I feel more confident that this is the first of many PS3 exclusives that are going to push the limits of the competition. Definitely look out for this title in September, you will regret it if you miss it.

Blue Dragon(Xbox 360 Exclusive): Blue Dragon has always been a game that I have been looking forward to for a very long time. If you haven't heard of this title, maybe you have heard of the names Hironobu Sakaguchi, and Nobuo Uematsu. Still doesn't ring a bell? Well these two are basically some of the original people that ARE Final Fantasy. Sakaguchi created the series and was known as the father of it, while Uemastu is a legendary composer and created many of the music we know from the series. So they left Square-Enix after Final Fantasy X, XI and Advent Children were made, to found the company known today as Mistwalker. This is their first title, and here is what I thought of it... after so long. Well, what I thought of the demo anyway.

You are presented with a choice of 2 different areas to explore. Your party is rather far along in the game, and show most of the abilities that you can eventually gain as more of a way of showing you what is available. Now the game itself, looks great, of course that's what you can expect with the character designs from Akira Toriyama(Dragon Ball & Z, Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest, and more). Now aside from graphics, you need gameplay right? Well when you are in the field you get a certain amount of commands that do various things to help you defend yourself from encounters or help with the enviroment. when you do get into an encouter though, thats where this game matters right? Well you will notice right away the big similarities to the Final Fantasy Series from the way the field is set up, to some of the magic commands. Each character has their own shadow that has a different creature to help them in battle. Using special attacks allows you to pretty much deal an excessive amount of damaging using your entity. Combat is deep and engaging, and as most RPGs are getting to nowadays, random counters are a thing of the past. That said though, there are a lot of enemies in the field and you can choose to ignore them, or fight them head on. Most the the tried and true and basically all the mechanics that make a good RPG are here. Though being thrust right in the middle of it can get a little complicating not being brought up to full speed in the story, for example... a bomb around a character... How did that happen? Well time will tell, and the characters are diverse, have their own personalities and voice actors. Lastly, the music in the game, I spoke highly of Uematsu, and I do for good reason. I have already heard this soundtrack in it's entirety and I must say it is good. He is trying to branch away from FF but he still has a hint of it in some of his songs. Which of course isn't a bad thing.

Overall: A promising first game from Mistwalker, traditional RPG formula with a great group of characters and solid music. This is going to be one of the first of hopefully many fantastic RPGs coming to the 360. Definitely another must have title, which apparently there is a lot of lately. If you are a fan of tradtional based RPGs then you will want to check this one out! Seeing as it will be here in the last week of August, we don't have much longer to wait!

08-08-2007, 11:40 PM
Eternal Sonata(Xbox 360 Exclusive):I just played the demo which all of you can get on the marketplace for free!

I must say, this made me want the title even more, the combat system is amazing and it's only the beginning of the game! I've already had the soundtrack for a while so I already know that is going to be a great aspect of the game. The game looks gooooooooooood, now if you are thinking you want more realistic graphics say like Gear of War like, this isn't it, it's more cell shaded/anime styled graphics, and it fits perfectly, the battle transitions are flawless and the entire set up itself is great.

When you play it, you will notice you will get different attacks if you are far away or close, and if you are in the shade or in the sun. I think that makes a new dynamic for when you are in battles. Not to mention there are no random encounters which is always a good thing! The difficulty is there as this is more of a action turn based RPG then more of a traditional turnbased style. It is sort of a cross between Star Ocean and Tales of... series.

Everything about this game already seems fantastic, I can't wait to play it next month, if you want go ahead and download the demo for yourselves!

Overall: This will be the second "GOOD" more traditional RPG after Blue Dragon hits the shelves(Lets face it, enchanted arms... not that great), while Blue Dragon will be a more turn based affair, this will be different in it's own right as and Action RPG system akin to games like Star Ocean. This is another must have title for the 360, with it's slick graphics, fun and addicting gameplay, fantastic music, and what seems from the previews a rather engaging story. You can pick this game up in September, and enter a world, where hopefully dreams can come true!

John Woo Presents: Stranglehold(Xbox 360, Playstation 3): Last but definitely not least, we have Stranglehold. When I first saw this title I knew it was going to be cool, being a fan of John Woo and Asian Cinema and all, but I just didn't think it would be a MUST HAVE, or GOTTA PLAY title. Fortunately for everyone I was dead wrong, this has gotta be by far one of the most stylish games I have ever played, in order to have success in the game, you MUST use style, which is a step in the right direction. The graphics are better then what you see in most trailers, and as far as the enviroment... oh man! Everything is pretty much destructible, if you have ever seen the matrix you will remember the lobby scene where everything is blowing up everywhere, and they take cover behind the pillars and everything still gets blown up and everything is going in slow mo. Well guess what, that's Stranglehold, but what stranglehold does is take it a step further and makes an entire game like that. You can walk up to a table, kick it over, then use it as cover. You can slide across pretty much any flat surface, you slide down pipes, run up pipes run along certain paths all while firing and taking fire. You see multiple enemies up ahead, what do you do? Well, you just jump onto a cart and start flying toward the enemy in slow mo and take them all down. It gets chaotic and franticly fun. You see all of John Woo's trademarks like white doves for instance. Seems like a lot huh? Well there is even more! In addition to all you can do with the environment, you also have personal abilities that you are able to use after killing enemies with style. These are known as Tequila Bombs(That's the main characters name, Tequila, a Chinese guy named after a mexican drink? That has funny all over it I guess haha) which are the special abilities such as precision shot, barrage, and spin attack. First we have precision shot, which is just cool, you zoom in on an enemy in slow mo and you can fire a bullet into him, but no it doesn't just stop there, you see where you shot the enemy by blood gushing from that spot and the enemy reacting to it. Cool huh? I shot them everywhere, the eye, ear, mouth, neck, chest, arm, leg, hand, pretty much if it's them, it's available. Which is actually crazy, because I shot a little low one time and manage to hit this one guy where no man should ever be shot, and there was even an animation for that! The detail they put into this game is over the top! Next we have barrage, which you get a cool scene of you emptying your clips and reloading, then you have unlimited ammo for a short amount of time while firing rapidly, this is very cool to have when there are a lot of enemies around you and you are in trouble. Last we have the spin attack, what you do is activate it around a group of enemies, then you get an animation of Tequila spinning around firing and you see the shots go into any enemy around. This attack will kill any enemy around and do heavy damage to a boss. Now you might be thinking, hey that would be unfair. Well the good news is you are limited to how often you can do this. You get more energy for these attacks by killing the enemies stylishly. Now you get bars that fill up, 1 for precision shot, 2 for barrage, and 3 for spin attack. Now you can use however much energy you have for these attacks for health, which at harder difficulties you need a lot.

Now on to more of the presentation of the game, as I said earlier the graphics are fantastic, everything is pretty much destructible, the environment can suit your needs, like shooting a sign or an air conditioner and it falls on your enemy. They went into good detail with this game and it shows. Now don't go for ultimate realism here, because this game is taking the term over the top to the extreme. Though, in this case, it's a very good thing. You also get to have shootouts in which you are surrounded by enemies and you have to fire at them individually while dodging their bullets, this is also very fun. Music is suitable and only feeds the action while the sound effects of everything getting destroyed around you is very satisfying. At the end of the demo you unlock the next Tequila Bomb move so you can use it again in the next playthrough, also you unlock harder difficulties. This demo is so good that I played through it 3 times in a row, to try out everything, and I still wanted more! After you are done you are shown a trailer of the game and it shows you even more you can do, including multiplayer, which is crazy on some ways how they seem to have it up, so that might turn out fun as well.

Overall: This game is very promising, one of the most fun, crazy, and very entertaining games I've played in a while, which is pretty much what inspired me to write this thread. I highly recommend getting this game in any way you can be it buy or rent. This will be a must have title, which you can get near the end of this month! Now there is a difference between 360 and PS3 versions though, 360 may have achievement points, but the PS3 limited edition will have Hard-Boiled on Blu-Ray format included on the disc. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's the movie this game is based off of, and a sequel of sorts. Both versions have their values, I will get the 360 one because, I enjoy the control scheme for it so far and well... I enjoy my achievement points!

That is all for now, as these are the only demos of the anticipated titles that are coming up. There are many games that are coming out in these next months so be sure to check on my reviews if you are unsure about what to get and I will try not to let you down! Enjoy playing these games, because it's going to be one crazy holiday season!

08-09-2007, 12:29 PM
Good work Fury...I appreciate it..:)

But you should probably post these in their own game's name thread...

Vampire x360a
08-09-2007, 12:31 PM
stranglehold is so so so good i defo recomend downloadin the demo guys and girls