View Full Version : Checking For Downloadable Content

12-31-2011, 12:24 AM
On this game due to my live account it checks for downloadable content when i try to play the game. It seems like it has frozen when it does this though as all the music stops. Is this normal? If it is. How long should i be willing to wait for it? I have fast internet so it worries me if the game is working when it takes a while.

12-30-2012, 04:19 AM
I've had a similar problem. I got Xbox for Christmas last year and played the game just fine. Then I got an Xbox live account in February and since then the game freezes when it searches for downloadable content. I've deleted my profile from my Xbox and re-downloaded loaded it, I've spoken with Xbox live customer support and did a bunch of trouble shooting with them and nothing worked. Every other profile on my Xbox plays the game just fine except for mine. As a result, I haven't played the game for almost a year. However, I went to my in-laws for Christmas and downloaded my account to my brother-in-law's Xbox and was able to play the game just fine. So I tried it again when I got home and I still can't play it on my system. I have no idea what else to do. I guess it'll just collect dust again for another year.:confused:

06-18-2013, 03:03 AM
Try deleting than redownloading the dlc. Reset the console. Delete the system cache. Reset console. Load the game and it will have you install updates and it should play after that. If it happens again usually just deleting the cache will fix it again.... : ) The links below explain this process in detail.