View Full Version : trials HD map share.

01-06-2012, 05:46 AM
Ok so i have a new way you for you huys to share yor trials maps.

first get a usb memory stick.

second put it in ur xbox 360 usb slote for ur charge cord.

third is to go to ur memory on ur hard drive and copy the saves of ur maps.

fourth is to upload them on ur computer.

ok here is the tricky part. and that is changing that gamer tag to the people that request the maps gmamer tag. (need to have nolige in programing microsoft stuff.) or it might be easer then i think but its all depends on how the file looks. and yes u have to see the request then fill it out like a sells clirck. how ever it should work if u can program in less u see where it hase ur games tag and its not coded then u should just change that part. (u will need a computer that hase tha capabilty to open the file in a word documint or not pad or sumthing along those lines that the file was done in to see it in text bass.

sixth. is to send post the file to who's gamer tag its for.

(or u can skip 6 and do it this way but steps 1-4 r the same. this time 6 and 7 is for the people that down load.)

five is to up load and let them figer out how to change the gamer tag to there acount.)

six. downlload the file and if u have no exsperice with this there might be people that figger it out and put up tatoriols on youtube.com to show u how.

seven. now its ready for the memory stick and to upload to ur xbox 360.

this is just some usful info i think will help from filling up the friends list with people that u will only use and talk to for new tracks and leave space for people that u will play many games with. Also this lets more then 100 people be the only ones that can get ur maps. So in the long run i think its beter to give every one the chance to get the maps they may see on youtube some day and might not get to download do to the player has change his or hers gamer tag sece the posted and or the persion has 100 friends on his friends list or even they dont playit any more so they dont let people add them for it any more.