View Full Version : Interesting "Complete a Set" Glitch

01-09-2012, 05:41 AM
So, I stumbled upon this glitch by accident, and thought I'd share. I don't know if this is preferable to doing it the legitimate way (Wave 14 in Arena C), but it was certainly easier.

I had cleared the cache of updates, and was playing offline without the 1.3 patch. I was interested in seeing if you could still duplicate weapons without the patch (you can), and when I got my first kill, the meter popped up with "Complete a Set: 1/6". So I continued killing and doing some side quests, and checked my achievement progress in the EXTRAS menu some time later. Even though I had died and not re-acquired the kills, they still counted.

So, in short. You can get "Complete a Set" easily by playing offline without the 1.3 patch and simply killing one of each Infected type. You can die, load checkpoints, fast travel, and even quit to the main menu without it resetting your counter. I experimented with all of these and still received the achievement when I found and killed a butcher (my last one).