View Full Version : PS3 Online Video Store

08-11-2007, 06:42 PM
Is anyone else dying to see this thing launch? I was skeptical about the 360 video download service at first... but after using it I'm a convert. I'm constantly downloading movies and TV shows on the 360. The only thing is they don't have a lot of variety. In some respects they do... they certain try for a wide range of material. But they rarely have what I truly want to watch and instead of something good enough to make do. Think for example of TV... they have some decent shows, but I'd love to nab the Office or Lost on my 360.

Now, sure, the TV selection on the PS3 wouldn't be that much better. At first it would probably be far worse. But their movie selection would almost certainly improve. Just in terms of Sony's film division alone, and I'm sure they've made more than a few allies from their Blu-Ray adventure. Plus, I already prefer to download trailers on the PS3 as they offer 1080P downloads. The 360 still is limited to 720P on their downloads.

I'm not a huge Spider-Man fan but I'm sure I'll be renting them as soon as they pop up on the PSN in 1080P. I can't wait for Sony to get this thing rolling.