View Full Version : Who was your last officer and why?

08-11-2007, 09:11 PM
This thread should help others looking for yours.

Xiahou Ba - No matter what, he just would not join me. I wasn't able to produce all items but I found through trying to hire others that officers will change their mind on what they want, so that doesn't matter. He wouldn't come over no matter what I did. So, after looking online, I found (in a guide for the PS2 version) that he will only join your force if Xiahou Yuan is in your army. So, I went to the Flames over Chi Bi scenerio and chose the territory with him in it (should be one of Cao Cao's) and proceeded to take over China. For some reason, I couldn't use Hire-Wide or Hire-Local, so I had to take my chances with Recruit. I took over almost all of China before he showed up but it was worth trying. There you are.