View Full Version : Problem: I can't play Crash Course anymore :/

01-16-2012, 08:33 PM
Hi guys

I'm experiencing troubles when I wanna play this DLC: the game simply can't find it on my HDD. When the game boots up, it says "Sacrifice Pack found", but not "Crash Course Pack found". Plus, in the achievements list in the game, it says "965/1250", and the Crash Course achievements don't appear in the list. But I have 1170/1500, and only 2 ach. missing.

I have the option to "Get Crash Course Pack", but I'm asked to re-pay it! And one more weird stuff, the DLC is still on my HDD, but the picture is different, the green is lighter, and the hand is "more grey" :/

Has anybody else already experienced this and found a solution?

Thanks in advance