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02-04-2012, 05:10 AM
So I've been re-playing this game after a few years of not playing it. I re-played it to get the Difficulty Achievements. I got to the last level on Instincts and after you get the C4 to blow up that boulder in your way there's a sniper on top of the building up ahead. As I beat those guys in there, I go to the top, busted some beast mode on the guy up top and figured it was all smooth from there.

There's a rope that you zipline down right after, and like an idiot I accidentally hit :abut: again and fell into the lava below. I then figured the game would just send me back to my save point, but the game actually froze up. So I turned off my 360 and loaded my save file again. As it was about to load up, the game froze yet again. 3rd times the charm, and same issue.

I got so far, and for nothing. Going to have to delete that save file and start it up again on Predator difficulty. I'm already tired of playing it on Instincts mode, and I really don't feel like playing it on Predator again, but if I take a break now, then I know it's going to be more difficult if I ever decide to attempt beating it on Predator difficulty months/years later.

Stupid game for not stacking difficulties... But anyway. To all those who still have this game or those who got it for the Achievements, just keep this in mind as it may happen to you.

Edit: Re-beat it on Predator just now. Obtained the Achievement for beating Instincts on Predator difficulty and the other Achievement for beating Instincts on all difficulties. Note (spoiler): You will obtain the Achievements just after the last scene in the helicopter. As you watch it fly away and the camera zooms out, you should get the difficulty Achievement(s) right around that part.

Just a note to all, best thing to do when going for the difficulty Achievements on this game is to copy your save file on said difficulty and put it on an external device or another part of your 360's HDD. I made sure to make a copy of my file each time I was done playing. I really didn't want to play Instincts mode over again, but I have to one more time, as I'm going for the phials now lol.

~ Rafdog

Neon Chazzmosis
09-02-2013, 11:09 PM
I really wish I had seen this before attempting my Predator run. I got to about the same part and don't even rmember how I died at this point, but the game freezes every time I try to load it up. This. Really. Sucks.

03-24-2014, 12:09 PM
I just copped this on my Hunter run of Instinct on the final mission with about 10 mins to go.

Absolutely shattered :(

BWF SmokeBudnSF
02-28-2016, 07:16 AM
Wow I had no idea this would happen, same exact spot too. Looks like another playthrough of this wonderful game.