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08-15-2007, 12:54 PM
We need one for this game.

Use this thread to collaborate with one another to make it :)

08-15-2007, 01:26 PM
For the achievement Top Off The Tank, just play the easiest computer player in battle mode and never use your special attacks. The computer is slow enough that you should be able to get the achievement without much difficulty. Just remember you can blow up your special pieces. This helps if all of the other pieces around them get locked up. It might take a few tries to earn this achievement. I was able to get it on first attempt.

08-17-2007, 05:24 PM
Ok here is my achievement ideas so far

Top off the tank: As anti said, go on easy and charge up your meters, or do a local game and just dont pick up the other controller

Special Score: Make a line of 5 gems and a flower of gems in any game mode, pretty basic actually, normally it just happens, but if you are unlucky just mix around a few pieces. (do it on marathon mode)

Playing the field: This one annoyed me, just play every single game type, you can lose too, here are my tips for quick completion

-survival just play, its impossible to try and lose, I got to level 40 before it happened, try on expert too.

-Marathon, play on expert and get a bomb and let it blow up

-timed, let time run out

-Battle, lose an expert opponent or win on easy, normally quick either way

Hot potato: Normally happens by chance, just play a local game with a friend and have them bomb you

Show No Mercy: Just press y when an attack comes up that you can use, It isnt hard to get at all, especially if you just do a local game, or on easy in singleplayer

Battle Tested: again easy, either play on Expert if you can win, or play on easy just for the achievement

She's gonna blow!: get a couple of emeralds, or star pieces and put them close to each other and hold b to blow up one of them (it has to be highlighted alone)

Really Special: get 6 star pieces
and make a flower, it makes 2 rubies, or make a line of 5 star pieces to get 1 (best done on marathon mode)

Ten Down: self explanatory

So special it hurts: get 5 rubies and make a line, or 6 and make a flower to get a black pearl (best done on marathon mode since the last level gives you infinite time to work on it. Which you will need)

Marathon Master: Make 3 black pearls in marathon mode and combine them to win

Human Superiority: Probably the hardest achievement ever, you have to beat the expert computer which works faster than I can and is almost impossible to beat unless you play nothing but hexic.

El Capitaine
08-24-2007, 02:15 PM
Battle Tested: If you know how to play Hexic this should be easy. Just set the computer on Easy difficulty and win, should only take one game. If you are good enough, set the computer on Expert and try for Human Superiority.

Hot potato: Normally happens by chance, just play a local game with a friend and have them bomb you, then just defuse it, then have them defuse it, then defuse it again, etc. until you get the acheivement. Either play against a friend who will help you with this, or set the computer to Intermediate (easy will often let the bomb detonate on their own side)

Special Score:
Just surround one hex with 6 hexes that are the same color. Easiest on Marathon. If you're having difficulty and have a lot of Emeralds, just line your emeralds up into a line of 5 to get a star. If you have more then 5 emeralds, you can get multiple stars (see Marathon Master for instructions)

Really Special:
See Marathon Master.

So Special It Hurts:
See Marathon Master.

Marathon Master:
Here's a way to win with only creating a total of 15 stars:

Create a link of 8 stars (make a line, preferably vertical, of 4 stars, leave a colored hex in between, then have 3 more stars on top. Then, rotate a star into the middle.)
What this will do is create 4 rubies, because the game will see 4 simultaneous lines of 5. (1-5, 2-6, 3-7, 4-8)
Then make a link of 7 stars (somewhere else, to avoid accidental clusters) to get 3 more rubies.

Line them up either so that there is either 3 on each side or 4 and 2, with a colored hex in the middle. Then, rotate your 7th ruby into that spot. The game will see 3 lines, and give you 3 black pearls. Use emeralds, other stars, or just keep rotating until you make these 3 into a cluster.

Ten Down: Doesn't have to be in a row. Keep track of your stats by hitting X after a game to check the leaderboards. With enough games you should eventually hit 10, otherwise just buddy up with someone, and have them let bombs detonate on their side.

Human Superiority: The most difficult achievement in the game, just keep practicing, wait for your wells to get higher, and keep looking for lines or circles that you can complete. If you have a lot of special pieces, detonate them for a big chain reaction to get closer to a win.

She's gonna blow!: In Marathon, Battle, or Timed, get a lot of special pieces, then hold B on one to detonate. Emeralds destroy 2 spaces out in both directions that they are facing, Stars destroy each piece touching them. Make sure your pieces are lined up so you can get a chain reaction, then detonate.


The other ones were fine, so I felt no reason to edit them. I just wanted to post especially for single player, because lining up the stars and matching them at once makes the game MUCH easier. I haven't won yet, just because I did 9 stars, but that gave me one black pearl (9 stars = 5 rubies = 1 pearl), so I would need 27 to get all 3. I just came up with the 15 stars method, so now I have to go do it.

09-03-2007, 03:09 PM
It's pretty simple to finish the Hexic game.
Be patience ;)

The battle mode is a bit difficult, but using a strategy is always important.
Know when to attack with yellow coller and when use the Green attack!:locked

That's all what matters.
I hope they make a Hexic 3 pretty soon.
For to fire on it the have 200 Gamer score again.
:uzi:HEXIC 3
And maby if possible 4 people attacking each other.
So simply be patience!!!!!!!!!!!

C-ya guys :woop::woop::woop:

09-11-2007, 01:36 PM
There is a "quide" or two up here, but I'm sorry they are not very informative at all. No tips really and don't even give the description of the achievements. SO here is a guide with tips and everything that should be in the guide

Human Superiority 30gs
Conquer the Expert computer opponent in Battle mode

There is no easy way around this one. One of the more difficult achievements on the list, as the Expert computer moves quickly and rarely makes a move that doesn’t result in a combo. Some tips to win are listed below.

1. Pause the game and try to study what you can see on the screen. Do this so you can try and map out your moves before you just go in blindly trying to create. You won’t get the greatest view because the pause menu blocks most of your view, but if you pause-resume and repeat somewhat in succession, you will be able to see. Sounds crazy, but it does help.
2. Create Starflowers and Emeralds as often as you can. These give you more then just normal combinations, and can be used if you get into a situation where the computer has locked part of your board.
3. Although I don’t recommend blowing up all of your emeralds and Starflowers, create chains to blow up, this will give you more boost on your meter as well. DO NOT Blow all of them, as you may not be able to create one when you need it to remove the locks on your board.
4. Use your attacks wisely. I DO NOT recommend using bombs as the computer will defuse them quickly, which will result in the bomb moving over to your board. Use the collapse only when you really need it. The best attacks are moving the board to create more space for you and less for the computer, and locking the computers pieces. The more of those two attacks you use, the more likely you are to win.
5. Practice, Practice, Practice. Unless you are a master Hexic player, it is unlikely that you will get this achievement on the first run through. Start at the lowest level and work your way up.

Special Score 5gs
Make an Emerald and a Star in the same game (any game mode)

One of the easier achievements in the game. Emeralds are made by lining up 5 of the same color tiles, and Starflowers are made by making a “star” out of 6 tiles of the same color. This is easiest done on Marathon Mode, Beginner, on the very first level. Most of the time when you start a game, there will be at least one Starflower that you can make from the get go. With making an Emerald, if you are having trouble, and that is all you are going for, try creating a combo or two at the bottom of the board, this will usually result in a chain reaction ranging anywhere from 1-20 sequential combinations and 90% of the time an Emerald will be made in the process. This does not always happen, but it is a very likely occurrence.

Playing the Field 5gs
Complete a game in each game mode (Marathon, Timed, Survival, Battle)

The description says it all. You do not have to win at any of these in order to unlock the achievement. However, for the achievement Battle Tested, you have to win a game of Battle mode on any level, so it is best to play on beginner and just win. Some tips for “easy” plays are listed below, however just playing the game does do the trick.

1. Marathon Mode: Play until you get a bomb, usually in level 3 or 4, then just rotate a section of pieces that will not make a combo until the bomb explodes. You can also win the game by creating 3 Black Pears and making a combo out of them.
2. Survival Mode: There is no easy way to lose really, but make as few combo’s as possible to lock as many pieces as you can on each level. This will take some time to do.
3. Battle Mode: If you just want to lose, don’t do anything and let the computer build up his meter. He will attack you in the process with bombs, moving the line and locking your pieces. If you want to lose faster play on Expert and just get hammered on. Also recommend that you just play on beginner and win as there is an achievement for that as well.
4. Timed Mode: Make a combination at the top of the board and let the time expire. The timer is set at 55seconds.

Top Off the Tank 5gs
Fully charge each attack energy well in a single Battle (local or Xbox Live)

The easiest mode to do this on is obviously beginner. You have to completely fill up each of the attack meters. Don’t use any attacks in the game, and if you get into a pinch blow up one of your special pieces. This may take a few tries to get, but will come after playing battle mode a few times.

Hot Potato 10gs
Defuse a single one of your opponent's bombs three times (Battle mode, local or Xbox Live)

This achievement is relatively simple. It is not diffuse three bombs; it is diffuse 1 bomb three times. You can do this with a friend and have him bomb you, you diffuse, and he diffuses…rinse and repeat. Also can be done playing against the Intermediate computer opponent as the beginner level opponent will usually just let the bomb detonate.

Show No Mercy 10gs
Use every type of attack in a single Battle (local or Xbox Live)

Very easy achievement. Play on beginner or with a friend and charge up each of your meters to where you can attack with them. Then when the attack icon appears in the middle, use it. Do this for each of the 4 attacks and the achievement will unlock.

Battle Tested 10gs
Beat the computer in Battle mode on any difficulty level

Relatively easy if you play on Beginner. The computer moves slower, makes mistakes and lets bombs explode. The computer also rarely uses attacks, which makes it easier for you to win. This may take a couple tries to get used to how you fill up the meter, but after that beating the computer on Beginner should be a walk in the park

She's Gonna Blow! 15gs
Create a chain reaction explosion of three or more special pieces (any game mode)

Playing on Marathon Mode, create 3 or more special pieces, i.e. Emeralds or Star Flowers. Star Flowers blow up all pieces that are touching them, and Emeralds blow up the two pieces they can swap, all dependent on the direction they are facing. Once you have 3 or more that are within those ranges, highlight the one piece that is going to be the beginning and press and hold B to detonate, and watch as all the pretty pieces explode into nothingness. So long as 3 or more pieces detonated in succession, the achievement will unlock.

Really Special 20gs
Make a Ruby

The equivalent of a Black Pearl from the original Hexic, a Ruby is created by two means however. The first is the traditional way of forming a flower of 6 Starflowers. There is not an easy way around this, only thing I can suggest is that you make as many as possible in the first 2 levels before you begin to get new colored tiles and bombs. The second way to make a Ruby is by creating a line of 5 Starflowers. This is the best way in my opinion as you are using less Starflowers to create the Ruby. Best done on Marathon mode.

09-11-2007, 01:36 PM
Ten Down 25gs
Win ten Xbox Live Ranked matches

Just as the description says, win 10 ranked matches. Best way to do this is with a friend and have him let you win, but if you are good at the game, then you will undoubtedly unlock this achievement rather easily.
These do not have to be in succession, so don’t worry if you lose a match or two in between wins. To check and see how many wins you have, after a match check the leaderboards and scroll through until it comes to wins/losses.

So Special it Hurts 25gs
Make a Black Pearl

To make a Black Pearl, you must make a line of 5 Rubies or a flower of 6 Rubies. Best done on Marathon mode, and is not an easy achievement. Refer to Marathon Master for more tips on creating Black Pearls.

Marathon Master 40gs
Beat Marathon mode by making a cluster, line or flower of Black Pearls

The easiest way to do this is to make a cluster, as it only takes 3 Black Pearls, where as a line is 5 and flower is 6. Since Black Pearls are more difficult to make, that is why I say go for the cluster. Some of the methods below are untested, but are worth a try nonetheless. This achievement will take some time and patience, and unless you were able to create a Grand Pearl Poohbah in the original Hexic, don’t expect this to be a cakewalk.

1. (Courtesy of El Capitaine) Create a link of 8 stars (make a line, preferably vertical, of 4 stars, leave a colored hex in between, and then have 3 more stars on top. Then, rotate a star into the middle.)
What this will do is create 4 rubies, because the game will see 4 simultaneous lines of 5. (1-5, 2-6, 3-7, 4-8). Then make a link of 7 stars (somewhere else, to avoid accidental clusters) to get 3 more rubies. Line them up either so that there is either 3 on each side or 4 and 2, with a colored hex in the middle. Then, rotate your 7th ruby into that spot. The game will see 3 lines, and give you 3 black pearls. Use emeralds, other stars, or just keep rotating until you make these 3 into a cluster.

2. Create as many Starflowers as you can in the beginning levels to avoid having new colored tiles and bombs get in the way of creating them. From there, begin chaining together your Stars to make Rubies. Once you have made enough Rubies to create 3 black Pearls, do so. I suggest making one at a time, that way you don't accidently make clusters. Also, do not use all your stars at once. Always make sure that you have at least 2 Stars to be able to continue making more, as you progress it will get more and more difficult to make Stars.

I have this achievement, and used method number 1 to do so, so I can verify that it does work. I just wish it was that simple in the original!

Vartan PL
09-12-2007, 10:35 PM
you are FUNNY!!!!!!!!
you have only 10/12 in hexic 2 and your way to beat computer on expert SUX!!!!!!!!!!
you must attack with bombs all the time and make cascade combos.
there is no time to make flowers or ruby...
cascade combos and attack
computer sucks with bombs!
good luck with your Expert computer!

09-12-2007, 11:28 PM
are there any strategies for this game besides taking time and looking, jw cuz this game is really hard for me

arCtiK AsSaSsIn
09-16-2007, 10:04 PM
Vartan has a point, also you just have to be extremely lucky. i got the achievement after practicing on intermediate for a while and also one thing the that helped me was set up a match against the expert computer but dont play just watch his side to see what all he does. but just be patient and i repeatedly pressed y not even knowing which power up was up or if it was ready.

The REAL LegacY
09-09-2008, 04:11 AM
Posting about the first Hexic.. how i do the dam 8 cluster pearls ;/