View Full Version : EASHL achivements?

02-17-2012, 03:49 PM
Could someone explain the online EASHL achievements to me? How do you get them and can you boost them?

02-17-2012, 04:44 PM
EASHL(EA Sports Hockey League):

There a 5 achievements that must be done in EASHL. Every Man, Taking Shots, EASHL Playoffs, EASHL Hero, and Hats Off To You. EASHL (often referred to as club) games are when you create or join a team to play online Be A Pro against other EASHL teams. A minimum of 2 players is required to search for a match. At the end of each month the single elimination playoffs begins but luckily, the only achievement tied to this is to play a playoff game so you don't even need to win. Any team with at least 1 game played will be qualified.

Online Be A Pro(OTP or Drop In Games):

These are basically the same as EASHL except it's just random people all matching up together. You will be able to unlock EASHL Rookie 1, EASHL Pro 1,and EASHL Legend 1 in either these game modes or EASHL. They all add up to the same performance tracker so you could have 100 OTP games and 50 EASHL games to get your legend card.

So all in all, if you have no friends that play this game, then play some OTP and make a few friends. Join someone else's club or again, find someone on OTP that wants to join a club with you.

Hope this helps.