View Full Version : Why is the AI so retarded?!?

02-19-2012, 01:46 PM
I've only needed the Fast Times achievement for a while now, and I am finding some of these target times a bit on the low side. I can't count how many times I have failed the Super Happy NOT Fun Time level, and the early museum one is terrible because Homer is a Re-Re. I move that fatass onto the dinosaur to move the tail up so I can jump off the end with Bart, but as soon as I get towards the end of the tail he jumps off the dinosaur and the tail dips and I can't jump over, effectively ending my chance to beat the trial time. I loaded up the game yet again this morning and decided to take a few chances at the level, and right away Homer jumps off the damn dinosaur 4 times in row so I can't even get to the next area. Is there some trick to get that moron to stay his fat ass where I need him to be? If I had a friend that lived closer to me that was willing to do this with me it'd be much easier, but none of my gaming friends liver near me so I am screwed and have to do this solo.

Stg H Stiglitz
02-20-2012, 12:04 PM
I have not failed a time challenge yet, just got four more to go! To answer your question about homer staying put on the dino, just make sure all four or three guards have been killed, i left one at the bottom and homer decides to jump down, once he was killed, he stayed put! hope that helps

02-20-2012, 04:54 PM
Thanks. It may be because I didn't kill any of the guards. I had read some recommendations that you should skip all enemies you could, so I figured I could run by them. I knew I had done this in the past and Homer stayed on the dino, but when I loaded it up a couple days ago he wouldn't stay there no matter what. I guess I'll try it again later and kill the guards first next time, maybe then Homer won't keep running to the platform and trying to go down the ladder.

Stg H Stiglitz
02-20-2012, 10:02 PM
no problem, just 1000gs this today, need any help just give me a shout. yeah some areas you can just run past, but i have to admit on the 2nd level i killed every one and still had over a minute to spare, if you have got all the collectables it gives you unlimited super power, or what ever B button is so you can just charge barts sling shot, homers burp etc! makes the time challenges alot easier!