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03-02-2012, 07:37 AM
here is the things I'm going to play all of the Metal Gear games (currently on Metal Gear Solid 2) and I would like to play this one... the only problem is I can't play a few of the games such as Portable Ops, the Ac!d games, and MGS4 (basically all the ones only released for PlayStation)

Considering this one takes place after MGS4 it seems weird to release it on a system that didn't get MGS4...

anyway I digress, my problem is I want to understand the story, I don't want spoilers and I don't just want to read a plot summary of MGS4.

How are we supposed to play this when we haven't even played 4!

However, I have heard rumors that it will be between 2 and 4... if that were the case it wouldn't be a problem, so can anyone confirm this?